FEBRUARY 11, 2007
It was an early morning as firefighters slept at Houston Fire Station 68. That was until the alarm went off for a commercial fire. As doors came up and firefighters made their way to the trucks smoke filled the station. Across the street, flames boiled out of a Taqueria.

FEBRUARY 11, 2007

FEBRUARY 11, 2008
Timothy Wayne Sherber, the driver of the vehicle that attempted to run a sheriff’s deputy down while they were executing a dope bust was sentenced Friday. The jury found him guilty on Thursday and Friday gave him 10 years probation for the possession and 8 years in prison for the assault charge.

The jurors started deliberating the punishment close to 4 p.m. and continued into the evening. During that time several notes were sent out requesting information.

Sherber was the driver in the February 11, 2008 incident in which Montgomery County SIU Detectives met Sherber and Rodney Anderson of Fairfield, Texas in the parking lot of the Taco Cabana at South Loop 336 and Interstate 45 for a drug transaction.

Just after officers were signaled to converge on the area Sherber attempted to flee in his pickup. He jumped a curb, hit an unmarked unit, accelerated and struck another unmarked unit and then rammed a marked sheriff’s patrol unit that tried to block his path.
Shots were fired at the suspects at that point as the truck headed directly at an undercover officer attempting to arrest him. Sherber was grazed by a bullet fired by officers and was treated and released by Conroe Regional Hospital to the custody of the Sheriff’s Department.
The MCSO Special Investigations Unit seized 3 ounces of methamphetamine and $3,255, which was in Anderson’s possession.

FEBRUARY 11, 2010
While residents of North Texas counties are accustomed to snow this time of year, it hit areas further south Thursday night, and as the sun began to rise it turned to ice on roadways in some areas north of Montgomery County.

The town of Madisonville and surrounding areas were affected, with multiple wrecks that slowed I-45 traffic to a crawl.

Madisonville wrecker driver Gaylon Drake said rain began to fall around dark, and then around 9 p.m., the snow blew in and the only two wrecker services in town got extremely busy.

Drake said two vehicles had to be pulled from creeks, but no one was injured.

The long-time Madisonville area resident said the snowflakes Thursday night were the largest he had seen and the longest he had seen heavy snowfall since he was a child.

Drake said in the midst of the storm it was difficult to see anything more on the road than the tracks of the vehicle ahead, and despite the heavyweight of the wreckers, “they were trying to slide.”

A winter weather advisory was in effect for Madisonville until 9 a.m., with a 20 percent chance of snow but there was little or none as temperatures begin to warm.

Weather Underground was reporting light snow falling in Madisonville and Huntsville at 5 a.m. on Friday.

FEBRUARY 11, 2013
The truck is a 2006 Ford F-250 lifted 4×4 which is white in color. There were black scrape marks on the drivers side door about mid-window. The tailgate had several dents.
The license number displayed is BP75282.
The trailer is a 2010 S&H 2 horse slant with a front tack compartment and is white. There is a Texas flag decal on the rear.
The trailer license number is DYZH70.
The most notable markings on this paint horse is the blaze on her face and her 4 stockings.
If anyone spots this vehicle contact Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables Office or the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

FEBRUARY 11, 2014
Officer Charity Snell was about to finish her shift around 5:30 p.m. January 20 when she responded to assist the county with welfare check just north of Montgomery City Limits.  A mother had called 911, saying her 1-month-old son was not breathing. The infant was born prematurely and had contracted a virus. When the mother checked on the child, he was not breathing.

Officer Snell was nearby and the first to arrive on the scene.

“The family members were hysterical, and I saw the child laying on his back on the floor,” Snell said. “I knelt down and noticed he was purple in color and I attempted to get some sort of reaction, but he was non-responsive not breathing.”

“At that time, I determined it was vital I start trying to administer CPR.”

Officer Snell continued performing CPR for over 10 minutes.

“It seemed like a really long time,” she said. “I didn’t even realize the (MCSO) deputies had arrived on the scene because I was so focused on administering CPR correctly.”

Snell had begun to get a response from the infant and continued the process until medics arrived.

The child was later transported to a hospital in The Woodlands and is now in stable condition at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, according to family members.

Chief Napolitano presented Officer Snell with the City of Montgomery Police Department Life Saving Award Tuesday night, saying he was very proud of her.

“The first thing I thought after hearing about this incident was that charity did an extremely heroic thing, and went above and beyond her duty to make sure that child stayed alive,” Napolitano said. “We’re police officers – we’re not paramedics, but luckily she’s been trained in CPR and was able to see and realize an infant needed CPR at the time and go ahead and administer it.”

“It’s always good to see an officer do the right thing and just jump in there and not ask or need permission – just do the job, get it done and walk away,” he said. “(Officer Snell) didn’t expect to get a plaque or anything else.”

Chief Napolitano said he did not even know about Officer Snell’s heroism until later when another officer told him.

Note: Officer Snell has other talents as well. She can be seen as a game show contestant on the Wheel of Fortune episode airing February 25 at 6:30 p.m.

FEBRUARY 14, 2015
Monday brought a guilty verdict in the Capital Murder trial of Don Collins. On Tuesday, the jury determined he should be sentenced to 40 years in prison, the maximum allowed by law. Because he was a juvenile when he doused 8-year-old Robert Middleton with gasoline and set him on fire, he was only eligible for the maximum sentence a juvenile could receive at the time of the offense. In 2011, when Middleton died from cancer caused by his burns, Collins was a legal adult. He will be eligible for parole in 20 years, at the soonest.

Defense attorney Tay Bond said he told Collins to expect the jury to recommend a 40 year sentence.

“The jury having convicted him of Capital Murder, I think the math was easy for them,” Bond said. “If they believe that you sent somebody on fire, an 8-year-old boy, on his birthday, you’re going to get the maximum sentence.”

The official sentencing by Judge Kathleen Hamilton is scheduled for Wednesday morning at 9 a.m.

Bond said as soon as his client is sentenced, he plans to file an appeal, based partly on the length of time between the attack and when Middleton died, and “whether or not the cancer actually caused that.”

Bond said Collins needs “assistance” and “counseling.”

“He’s previously been found to be mildly mentally retarded,” Bond said, “And he’s previously received psychiatric counseling and has been hospitalized previous to this trial. So, yes, he’s definitely mentally ill…”

Bond said a 40 year sentence was “pretty harsh” but acknowledged he realized the jury believed if ever there were a crime that called for that sentence, what Collins did to Middleton was it. Reporters questioned Bond about the mysterious unnamed adult who was on the trail when Collins attacked Middleton. He said he didn’t know. He also said he had not asked Collins what happened that day, but claims Collins is remorseful.

“I think Don has expressed remorse over what happened to Robert Middleton, but I don’t think that at the age of 13 and his complicity in the case, he feels like he’s the only one responsible,” Bond said.

Prosecutor Rob Freyer said his team was very relieved. He praised not only the jury and court staff for their assistance, but Shriners Hospital for the role they plaid in Robbie Middleton’s life.

“The fine people at Shriners Hospital give hope and promise to those whose prognoses looks hopeless,” Freyer said. “Colleen and Heather and Bobby were able to enjoy Robert’s time on this earth for another 13 years because of their hard work.”

Freyer also praised the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office who he said never gave up and worked hard to make sure prosecutors had what they needed to get justice.

As for the length of time Collins actually serves, Freyer said TDCJ will consider multiple factors including his criminal history and propensity for violence. Collins has also been twice convicted of failure to register as a sex offender, in San Jacinto and Liberty Counties. He now has the same charge pending in San Jacinto County and could face an additional 20 year sentence on that charge. He became a registered sex offender because of his assault on another boy, who testified during the sentencing phase. Middleton was far from Collins’ only victim. The Texas Youth Commission held Collins until he was 21 and then he was again released into society.

Testimony revealed Collins sexually assaulted a 6-year-old girl in a swimming pool within days of attacking and burning Robbie Middleton, and he sexually assaulted another child who was related to Middleton, Freyer said. Heather Middleton remembers Collins stomping her kitten to death.

Colleen Middleton again said she was happy.

“I’m just going to enjoy this day and not worry about anything else,” she said. “I’m going to enjoy the moment.”

She talked about Collins’ eyes, and how they had the “deadest looking expression.” Colleen Middleton said Collins’ eyes just looked cold and even as a little child she would look at his eyes, and they looked “blank,” she said.

Colleen Middleton reaffirmed her belief there was an adult on the trail who has never been held accountable or even identified and says the family will never have closure until that happens.

She also painted an eerie picture of Collins stalking Middleton for two weeks before burning him.

“Every time (Robbie) stepped out the door, he said he saw Don,” she said.

Focusing on the positive, as always, Colleen Middleton also talked about how Shriners Hospital was closed after being damaged by Hurricane Ike, and how they considered not reopening it. She said Robbie was very upset because he knew he would not have survived if the hospital had not been there. He was determined to see it reopen and even-handed out flyers, campaigning for its reopening.

“Galveston has been good to us,” Colleen Middleton said. “Galveston is where we felt safe. We loved Galveston, we loved the hospital.”

She said she was sure her son was present Tuesday and happy with the outcome of the trial.

Someone else who will never forget Robert Middleton is Rebecca Whitlock, a certified personal trainer.

“Robbie was 16 years old when he came to me in the Wellness Center at Shriners, and he was just a child a kid who always made you happy,” Whitlock said. “Not only did I teach him, he taught me; He taught all of us about life.”

“No matter what happened to him, he didn’t let it define him. He was still that happy person,” she said. “He might have been frustrated with all surgeries and rehabilitation, but he was happy and he was an advocate for other families and children. It was his passion.”

When Robert Middleton died, less than two months before his twenty-first birthday, Whitlock had the City of Galveston proclaim his birthday “Robert Ray “20 Bucks” Middleton Day, and asked everyone to donate $20 to Shriners in his memory. She has kept it going, but says now it will be “Justice for Robbie.”

“He would always come up to you, no matter where he was, and say ‘Hey, you got 20 bucks?’ He was just a jokester kind of kid,” Whitlock said.

Don Collins was formally sentenced Wednesday morning by Judge Kathleen Hamilton to 40 years for capital murder. The trial which ended Tuesday in Galveston with the jury finding him guilty and set the punishment at 40 years.
Collins has now been placed in the Montgomery County Jail before he is transferred to TDVJ or San Jacinto County. There he faces a failure to register as a sex offender charge. In that case he can get a maximum of 20 years. His capital murder charge would basically absorb the 20-year sentence. However, the Judge has the option to stack the sentence. This meaning he would have to serve his 40 year sentence before his 20-year sentence would start.

FEBRUARY 11, 2015
A rookie prosecutor knocked one out of the park Wednesday, when his first felony case resulted in a guilty verdict and two life sentences for a habitual drunk driver.

Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Kyle Crowl said, until the trial’s punishment phase, the jury had no idea 64-year-old Bobby Gene Martin had been arrested for Driving While Intoxicated 10 times. They only knew he was charged with DWI 3rd or More and Retaliation.

“You could see they were actually shocked that he’d had 10 DWIs and was still out and about driving around,” Crowl said.

The retaliation charge, Crowl said, was based on something many people don’t know about.

“Retaliation is when you act out and threaten harm to a public servant,” he said. “In this case, (Martin) had threatened to actually kill not only the deputy that arrested him, but also his wife, his children, his mom and several times told him he was going to beat him up.”

Crowl said Martin had done the same thing when he was arrested for DWI in Montgomery County back in 1999. He told that deputy he was going to “kill him and everything he ever loved.”

“I think that resonated with the jury that if no matter what he does, if he ever gets out of jail, he’s going to do it again,” Crowl said.

Martin’s first DWI arrest occurred in 1981, so he had been driving drunk for over 30 years.

Apparently, he has other issues as well. A Montgomery County jailer testified that Martin had threatened him and went on a racist rant. The jailer said it was something he had to learn to live with as a jailer, but Martin stood out in his mind as “one of the more intoxicated individuals, and one of the more racist individuals” he’s had to deal with.

Martin, who lived in northeast Houston at the time of his latest arrest, is 64 and will be 80 before he is eligible for parole. Crowl said the parole board will take into account that he had two life sentences, even though by law they had to run concurrently.

“Hopefully this defendant will never be driving around the streets of Montgomery County,” he said.

Crowl has only been with the DA’s office for a year and a half, and Martin was his first felony case. After securing the maximum sentence on both charges, Crowl said of his big win, “I’m hoping to keep it going.”

*********************7 OF THE DWI’S WERE IN HARRIS COUNTY**********

134529701010 – The State of Texas vs. MARTIN, BOBBY GENE (Court 232)
4/25/2012 | 4/26/2012
Disposed(DISP) 6/12/2012

3/30/2009 | 4/1/2009
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8/26/1996 | 8/26/1996
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9/17/1993 | 9/18/1993
Disposed(DISP) 10/19/1993

1/5/1992 | 1/5/1992
Disposed(DISP) 1/6/1992

5/4/1988 | 5/4/1988
Disposed(DISP) 5/26/1988

5/4/1988 | 5/4/1988
Disposed(DISP) 5/26/1988
CRIM MISCH-$20-200 (M)

12/20/1986 | 12/20/1986
Disposed(DISP) 6/11/1987

7/2/1981 |

6/27/1981 | 10/8/1982
Disposed(DISP) 10/8/1982

1/13/1981 | 1/13/1981
Found Guilty(GILT) 1/16/1981

FEBRUARY 11, 2016
Porter firefighters are on the scene of a 2 alarm fire which has consumed at least 15 of 50 mini-storage units at the Kingwood Boat RV Storage Facility on Kelly Road just north of East Knox in Porter.
Details shortly. The call came in just before 3 am. When firefighters arrived they had heavy fire conditions. One person on the premises suffered minor burns to the hands and was treated at the scene. A second alarm brought in Houston, East Montgomery County, Needham, and Caney Creek Fire Departments. With no fire hydrants in the area, water had to be shuttled to dump tanks set up on the fire scene. According to Porter Fire Chief Carter Johnson, the fire was brought under control at 433am.

FEBRUARY 11, 2016
Just before 10 am Conroe Fire Department responded to a reported house fire on Waco Street near Roberson just north of downtown Conroe. They arrived to find a wood frame structure fully involved in fire. Neighbors say a man was living in it but firefighters were not able to locate a victim. One firefighter received minor injuries and was treated on the scene. Conroe arson investigators are on the scene. When firefighters arrived they experienced some water pressure problems but laid a second line to compensate

FEBRUARY 11, 2016
Thanks to the persistence of an East Montgomery County mom, and the determination of members of the Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office, a child predator with multiple known victims is headed to prison. Not only have they saved the children he was pursuing and victimizing through social media, but his young daughter’s 2008 outcry of sexual abuse has also been reexamined resulting in an indictment.

An in-depth multi-agency investigation led by Montgomery County Precinct 4 Capt. Mark Seals and Sgt. Art Looza produced damning evidence sent to preteen girls he befriended through Facebook, including not only messages that were sexual in nature, but also webcam video of  Duane Charles Parker of Lafayette Louisiana, who was 49-years-old at the time, masturbating while discussing what he would like to do to his victims including saying he would make them videos masturbating while screaming out their names.

Precinct 4 Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden, who at one point had five men working on the investigation, said Parker was every parent’s nightmare.

“He’s the person you warn your kids about, and the reason we have to teach our children not to talk to strangers in person or online, even if they seem nice.” Constable Hayden said. “At over 50 years old, Mr. Parker managed to befriend well over a dozen little girls without their parents’ knowledge with the intention of using them for his own twisted sexual gratification.”

A Galveston County grand jury returned an indictment on the third and most serious charge, which was the result of a CPS investigation launched after Parker’s then 6-year-old daughter claimed he was sexually abusing her. That complaint was filed in 2008 by the child’s then 24-year-old mother. Records indicate the girl was born when the mother was 17 and Parker was 39. That was later dismissed.

With no action taken in the case, the couple split up but Parker retained parental rights to the then  10-year-old girl, who was with him at the time of his August 13, 2012 arrest. That child’s mother has a 6-year-old daughter by a different father and the 6-year-old was also with Parker when he was arrested. The mother lives in Kingwood, but the girls had been with Parker in Lafayette. His business, “1-800-CRAWFISH” or “Crawfish Unlimited” involves frequent trips between south Louisiana and southeast Texas.

Parker lived in Texas in 2008 when his daughter’s mother contacted Child Protective Services. He was charged with  Indecent Exposure in Galveston in 2010 after exposing his penis to a 17-year-old Starbucks employee as he sat in his vehicle at a drive-thru window. In a plea agreement that was reduced to disorderly conduct. It is unclear exactly when Parker moved to Lafayette because he kept his Texas Driver’s License, which has the address of what is now a parking lot and was once a UPS store where he rented a mailbox.

“Every address connected with Duane Charles Parker was bogus,” Capt. Seals said.

The East Montgomery County mom who first alerted authorities, and whose identity is withheld to protect her family’s privacy, began noticing comments by an unfamiliar name on her daughter’s Facebook page. The person posting as “Parker Duane” was using a photo of a sports car as a profile picture, and listed no date of birth. The mom said her daughter, who had just turned 12 at the , accepted Parker’s friendship because they had several mutual friends, and all of them were schoolmates. It is unknown how Parker found and first connected with the circle of female friends (17 at last count), all of whom are now in the seventh grade. At first, the girl and her mother assumed with so many mutual friends, some of them must have known “Parker Duane” personally.

Parker began clicking “like” on the girl’s Facebook posts and when they frequently posted photos of themselves, as young girls do, Parker posted comments like “beautiful,” “I’m in love” and “XOX” using hearts and other flirtatious words and symbols typically used by preteens on one another’s pages. He also sent instant and private messages that became progressively inappropriate and the mom took control of her daughter’s account. Parker quickly confirmed the mother’s suspicions when he sent her daughter a lengthy private message that began, “Hey Beautiful, omg ur so Beautiful ur a dream ur someone id love to be mine…” The message continued with Parker rambling, at one point writing, “I know I may scar(e) u but I’m safe loving and could only love you…” He also discussed wishing he were in her room lying on her bed, with her on top of him. The message was followed by a video that showed the trunk section of an adult male (now known to be Parker) in bikini underwear, exposing his genitals and masturbating.

Around the same time, the mother of another 12-year-old girl in the group contacted the reportee mom, saying “Parker Duane” was also sending sexual messages and pornographic video to her daughter and she had proof he was a grown man. Signed onto her daughter’s Facebook account, that mother searched through his page history and finally found a shirtless photo he posted of himself, sitting on a black leather sofa and making a peace sign. Comparing the photo to Parker when he was arrested, it appears to be around 20 years old, which would still make him around 30 when the photo was taken

The reportee mom contacted law enforcement, but “Parker Duane’s” account was deleted.

Capt. Seals said his agency contacted the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office Internet Crimes Against Children, or ICAC division because they had a lot of experience with child predators who used the internet.

All involved believed the unidentified predator had become paranoid and would probably move on to another group, using a different name. They were partially right. It was not long before Parker returned to Facebook using the name “Johnny Pepper,” and contacting the girls in the same ways as before. This time, however, law enforcement was on the receiving end of his messages and videos. They obtained permission from the mothers of both girls to take control of their Facebook accounts and continued communicating with Parker as though they were the girls.

Investigators were able to identify and ultimately apprehend Parker through his business on August 13, 2012 at a restaurant on I-45 in Webster where he arrived to deliver an order. Child Protective Services took custody of Parker’s daughter and her half-sister upon his arrest and both were interviewed.

The unearthing of the 2008 case regarding Parker’s daughter has ignited a firestorm of controversy in Galveston County, with officials trying to explain why the case was not pursued for four years, leaving Parker with the right to be alone with a child who claimed he sexually assaulted her.

“The case fell through the cracks,” Maj. Ray Tuttoilmondo with the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office said at the time. “Shortly after the case, Hurricane Ike hit and there were a number of services that involved things on the island that included the criminal justice system that kind of went through some delays because of the storm.”

“I’m not trying to use that as an excuse,” he said, “But is that what caused this particular case to fall through the cracks? We don’t know.”

“Things have changed since four years ago,” Tuttoilmondo said in 2012,  “There’s better communication with the prosecutors – better communication with the district attorney’s office as a whole.”

“This is an unfortunate set of circumstances, and it certainly gives us pause to take a look at the entirety of the system so that we don’t have something like this happen again,” he said. “We need to figure out what happened with it first.”

District Attorney Jack Roady was not in the office in 2008, and he and Tuttoilmondo agree that communication between the agencies has improved since then.

“When it became clear that there was still an unresolved investigation from 2008, our first priority was to get the evidence presented to the grand jury, a Galveston County grand jury heard that evidence and indicted Parker for the offense of aggravated sexual assault of a child.” The case was later dismissed by a Galveston Jury after it was found much of the forensic evidence was lost to Hurricane Ike.

Montgomery County officials had no comment on the controversy connected with the handling of the 2008 case in Galveston County.

Constable Hayden said the Galveston County agencies involved in the Montgomery County Precinct 4 investigation and arrest had been more than helpful and cooperative and his agency was very appreciative.

Captain Seals said were four years ago if it had not been for the assistance of the Galveston County Precinct 8 Constable’s Office and the Friendswood Police Department, they might still be searching for Duane Parker. They also received assistance from Erin Smith and Morgan Dossey, of the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.

Precinct 4 contacted the FBI a couple of days before Parker’s arrest, and Sue Barrow from the FBI’s Conroe office was instrumental in getting Precinct 4 connected with the Louisiana State Police. On August 14, 2012, the Louisiana State Police secured and then initiated a search warrant at Parker’s Lafayette residence, removing evidence including multiple computers which were forensically analyzed. From that the filed charges are still pending on possession of child pornography.

It took several years and several indictments to get Parker in front of a Montgomery County Jury. One set back was when a Supreme Court ruled that if someone sent pornography to a child it was a form of Freedom of Speech.  The other was the fact Parker fired three attorney’s and even tried to represent himself. Parker was finally indicted in 2015 on the charge of criminal attempt/ attempted sexual performance by a child. This followed his 2013 indictment of online solicitation of a minor under 14.

A jury was picked Monday in the Montgomery County 221st District Court with Judge Lisa Michalk presiding. The then 12-year-old girl’s mother took the stand first. She was asked by the defense attorney’s if the mother knew that she could have deleted Parker on Facebook. She then stated, “ so you just didn’t delete him so you could turn him in.” She described how she came upon the information on her daughter’s computer and how she responded.

The mother was followed by her now 15-year-old daughter who jurors could tell was uncomfortable on the stand as Parker kept smiling at her through her testimony.

Captain Seals spend over 7 hours on the stand testifying to every aspect of the case from start to finish.

An Investigator with the Louisiana State Police testified to what they found in the Parker apartment including the 3 computers with child porn.

Jeff Chapel, a Special Agent with the United States Department of Homeland Security testified to what was found not just on the computers but elsewhere. He described several Google searches that were in the history of the computer including:

How to get rid of my daughter

Father daughters having sex

Fathers having sex with daughters

Can fathers have sex with their daughters

Teen sex doll

How young can a girl be to have sex

Can a big d**k hurt a little girl

He also discovered several domains registered through Blue Host to Duane Parker and paid for by Parker. They included:

Hot Little pre-teen girls

Little hot sexy girls


Hot young sexy teens

Fresh Preteen

Those have since been removed.

The investigation was also to track IP addresses to where they originated when Parker contacted these young children. After the locations were discovered which were mostly from motels and hotels a matching credit card statement of Parkers was found itemizing the same location showing he at stayed at the location at the date and time indicated.

Montgomery County Prosecutor Monica Cooper showed the jury pages upon pages of conversations between Parker and the young girls. In most Parker was attempting to send them videos of him masturbating and even suggesting that he could make a video the same while screaming out the name of the person he was communicating with. Most of the young girls denied offers, many blocked him, but none were shown to have taken him up on the offer. Most called him a creep, sick, or sleaze bag.

After all the testimony the jurors spent several hours deliberating and came back with a verdict Wednesday afternoon of guilty.  They were allowed to go home and return Thursday morning for the punishment phase of the trial. That took less than an hour Thursday afternoon when the jury returned the maximum allowed by law for this type of case of 20-years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and a $10,000 fine. Parker seemed unmoved by the verdict.

Prosecutor Monica Cooper along with Constable Rowdy Hayden and Captain Seals gave there thanks to the Montgomery County Jury who had to endure the 4-day trial and having to view hundreds of pornographic photos and videos.


FEBRUARY 11, 2017
Just after 2am a vehicle exited I-45 northbound at the Texas 99 exit at a high rate of speed. The driver lost control, struck the curb and then guardrail. The vehicle flipped several times ejecting on of the persons from the vehicle. He was flown by Life Flight to Houston’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. The second occupant was partially ejected and was trapped under the car which was on top of him. After almost a 30 minutes Spring Fire Department was able to extricate the male from under the vehicle. He was transported to Memorial Hermann Woodlands in critical condition. Harris County Sheriff’s Department investigators are not sure who was driving or who was the passenger as neither victim had a seatbelt.

Saturday night a vehicle drove east on Rush Creek Drive just east of Northborough. As they did the individuals in the vehicle sprayed an apartment complex parking lot with gunfire. When it was over several vehicles in the parking lot were hit along with two males. Houston Police believe the males just happened to be in the parking lot and don’t believe they were the targets. One male was hit in the ankle. The other hit in the head. Both went by private auto to Houston Northwest Medical Center on FM 1960. The male with the gunshot wound to the head was later sent to the Texas Medical Center. Neither injury was life-threatening. Houston Homicide detectives spent several hours talking with witnesses and documenting over 20 rounds of brass scattered for the length of a football field in the street.

FEBRUARY 11, 2017
Early Saturday morning a pickup was traveling at a high rate of speed south on North Main at E. 39th Street in Houston. The driver lost control and slammed into a utility pole. The force of the impact snapped the pole off and dropped the transformer to the ground spilling close to 20 gallons of mineral oil. Houston Fire Department Hazardous Material Response Team responded to the scene for clean-up. Police believe the Hispanic male on the scene was the driver. Wearing work clothes and work boots with airbag powder on his face. However, he claims the Hispanic female that was on the scene when they arrived wearing pajamas was the driver.

Saturday night just after 7 pm Harris County Sheriff’s Office responded to a possible kidnapping in the 4200 block of FM 1960 West at the Intown Suites Motel. As detectives and patrol units were investigating a 41-year-old male who appeared intoxicated fell from the third-floor balcony. Cypress Creek EMS was called to the scene. FM 1960 was shut down as Life Flight was called in to transport the male who was in critical condition to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston. The other call on the attempted kidnapping was still being investigated but it appeared that it was not actually a kidnapping.

On Sunday, February 11, 2018, at approximately 12:16 am, the Tomball Fire Department was notified of a structure fire to at Park Manor of Tomball, an 80-bed nursing home in the 200 block of School Street in Tomball. The first arriving unit encountered a large volume of smoke in a residential hallway extending into the common areas of the facility. Firefighters were able to quickly determine the room of origin and found an extinguished fire. Additional fire units from Klein, Rosehill, and Magnolia assisted at the scene.

Nursing home staff members were alerted to the fire by smoke alarms installed in the patient rooms. These staff members are credited with the extinguishment of the fire of a lamp mounted on the wall above a patient’s bed by utilizing a fire extinguisher. This after evacuating the residents of the room.

All residents of the hall were evacuated from the structure by staff, officers from the Tomball Police Department and firefighters and were evaluated by the Northwest Community Health Emergency Medical Services Division. One female resident suffered minor burns and was transported to Memorial Herman in the Woodlands. Three staff members from the facility were transported to area hospitals with minor injuries.

The Tomball Fire Marshal’s Office responded to the scene to investigate the cause of the fire. Investigators determined that the fire was caused by an electrical short in a light fixture and ruled accidental.

FEBRUARY 11, 2019
On February 11, 2019, at 10:32 am the Polk County Sheriff’s Office received a call along with Allegiance EMS requesting a response to 3600 block of FM 3126 in the Blanchard Community of Polk County for multiple victims of an assault.

Troopers from the Texas Highway Patrol and Deputies arrived on scene discovering multiple victims from apparent gunshot wounds.

Sheriff Hammack reports the investigation is underway with Detectives from his agency along with Texas Rangers all on the scene.

According to Polk County Sheriff’s Office, a call came in early Monday morning on several victims down at a ranch on FM 3126 in Polk County near Lake Livingston. Units arrived and found 5 deceased and one female who was alive. According to that female who was the daughter of the owner of the home, she heard a commotion and popping sound close to 5 am. When she awoke later she made the discovery and called another family member who called the sheriff’s office. Deceased inside was Mr. Delaney, and Randy Horn. Outside in the breezeway was the female owner of the home, Linda Delaney, her granddaughter Ashley and Ashley’s daughter who was 15-months old. Investigators say there are no suspects being sought but stop short of calling it a murder-suicide until the autopsy report from Jefferson County comes in. They did not disclose a weapon. We will be posting the entire press conference shortly. We will also be updating the story.

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