SEPTEMBER 23, 2007

SEPTEMBER 23, 2009
Precinct 4 Livestock Officers Don Smith and Dwayne Morrow spent most of the day preparing and seizing two horses that were in quite bad health. The scene was on FM 1484 just north of FM 2432 near Willis. The deputies had visited the property before and warned the owner that the horses needed to be seen by a vet. After several calls by passer-bys this weekend they took action. After contacting the Houston SPCA a seizure order was signed. and s the rain started to fall the horses were loaded and taken to the Houston SPCA to be treated by a vet.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2012
About 3:00 p.m. Saturday Porter Fire Department was dispatched to a tree rescue on Joseph Drive in Porter. When they arrived on the scene they found C.H. Morgan about 25 feet up in an oak tree. He had been hired by homeowner Morning Starr Gardner to cut the two oak trees down. Morgan was cutting the tree when the chain saw slipped and cut the tips of three of his fingers.

Porter Fire Department, using ladders and ropes were able to bring him down safely. He was transported to the hospital by MCHD.

Sunday afternoon as firefighters were watching a little television at the station they were dispatched to the same address on Joseph Drive as yesterday. The type of call was a woman trapped in a tree.

When they arrived they found Janet Money, who was the wife of C.H. Morgan from Saturdays call. She was about twenty-five feet up the tree and trapped. Firefighters determined she was in the tree and instead of cutting the limbs off first she made a cut to the main trunk of the tree. She was safely tied off to the tree as to protect her from falling. However when the top of the tree fell the bark stripped from the side of the tree. Money’s rope was tied around that same bark which, tightened the rope, crushing her against it.

Firefighters worked over an hour to set up ropes and ladders, stabilize Money and lower her to the ground. Once on the ground, MCHD determined her injuries required her to be flown to Houston’s Hermann Hospital. PHI Air Medical was dispatched and met the ambulance at  Porter Elementary School on Ford Road.

Ms. Gardner had taken all the precautions before hiring the crew. She verified that they were bonded and insured, she also verified they were checked through the Better Business Bureau. But after two accidents in two days, she has said, enough is enough. She plans to cut the fallen timber that is already on the ground herself., “Anyone need firewood”, she said.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2013
At approximately 11:20 a.m. Monday the Walker County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call stating a body was in the National Forest off FM 2929. Deputies responded to the location just about one mile from FM 2296. There, approximately 100 feet from the road they found a young Hispanic male dead.

Deputies along with the Texas Rangers and DPS spent almost 5 hours investigating the scene and gathering evidence.

Sheriff McRae said at this time as the investigation continues there is little information to release, He did say it was a young Hispanic male but wasn’t prepared to release an exact age until next of kin can be notified.

At this hour Rangers and Walker County Detectives are checking leads in several parts of the county.

This is the third homicide in just a few months. The last was a grandmother and her grandson found dead in a home just west of Huntsville.

Sheriff McRae said hundreds of pieces of evidence are now at the DPS lab being analyzed. There have been no arrests.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2014
Judge Kelly Case declined to return to the courthouse Monday to hear a motion to quash subpoenas issued by local defense attorney Gilbert Garcia in the Child Pornography case that recently resulted in a fifth mandamus filed against the 9th District Court Judge. Despite the filing of written motions to quash the subpoenas by both the District and County Attorney and requesting a Monday afternoon hearing, Case, who was not at the courthouse, refused to return and have the hearing and allowed the subpoenas to stand.

Case recently withdrew a discovery order request by Gilbert Garcia, local defense attorney and former political opponent of Brett Ligon, to produce virtually all the documents ever produced by the local Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. This team, which follows established National Center for Missing and Exploited Children protocols, investigates individuals that actively trade in child pornography and search the internet for underage children to lure into sexual relationships. Case withdrew the order upon the acceptance by the Court of Appeals of the fifth mandamus action filed against him by the District and County Attorney’s offices. The mandamus sought to prevent the implementation of the discovery order citing its overbroad attempt to turn over every investigation and investigative technique used by the ICAC task force.

Gilbert Garcia responded by filing a motion for a gag order in the case preventing the prosecution from making any more public comments regarding his client’s case. In addition, he issued subpoenas for the elected District and County Attorneys, First Assistant Phil Grant, Bureau Chief Bill Delmore, and prosecutors from the county and district attorney’s offices to appear before Judge Case in the hearing on Tuesday morning.

Both offices filed motions to quash the subpoenas. This action is designed to prevent the misuse of subpoenas by any party in a criminal case. The law requires that witnesses called to testify have material information on the specific case in question. All but one of the attorneys subpoenaed is not involved in the criminal matter and does not meet the requirements for a lawful subpoena. Judge Case’s office was approached about having an emergency hearing on the issue Monday afternoon, but Case was not in the courthouse and declined to return. He also declined to allow another sitting judge to hear the matter.

“I am concerned with the fairness of being subjected to a hearing by Mr. Garcia, my former political opponent, before a judge we’ve had to mandamus five times,” stated Brett Ligon. “The Court should always act in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.”

Tuesday morning most investigators who work in any capacity with ICAC and crimes against children were pulled away from their duties to appear for a 9 a.m. hearing in Judge Case’s court. At 9:20 am Judge Case took the bench and worked to clear some other cases on the docket.

Case then proceeded into the case and rule on the motions to quash the subpoenas. It was decided to first swear in the parties involved in the hearing. The District Attorney’s Office as well as the County Attorney’s Office both had representation. However, Case became upset when he learned that District Attorney Bret Ligon, First Assistant Phil Grant, and County Attorney J.D. Lambright were not in the courtroom but were available in their offices where they were attending to other cases. It is common to be put on call and be available to the court. He ordered them to the courtroom immediately to be sworn in. Once they were sworn in, he then insisted they were now witnesses in the case and could not remain in the courtroom as was anyone else who was subpoenaed.

The District Attorney’s Office returned with a motion for recusal, asking the Judge to step down from the case. Case responded requesting Judge Underwood to rule on the motion to remove Judge Case from the case.

Judge Case unseated the now-deceased Judge Edwards for the bench in the Ninth District Court. He was heavily backed by the Texas Patriots PAC.

Almost two weeks ago the PAC issued the following statement on their website:

In light of a fifth mandamus action being filed by the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office against 9th state District Court Judge Kelly Case, Texas Patriots PAC has issued a statement condemning the obstructive actions of Judge Case.

“Judge Case’s behavior in the court has been riddled with maneuvers typical of a defense attorney intent on stalling justice,” Julie Turner, president of Texas Patriots PAC, said. “Judge Case’s actions continue to demonstrate an obvious bias toward the defense, employing frivolous tactics that waste county time and resources. We call on Judge Case to perform his duties with greater integrity and impartiality.”

The statement was made in light of a series of the Judge’s actions on the court, the most recent of which was an order that the Montgomery County DA’s office, as well as all county and city agencies that participate in the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force, turn over all documents ever produced by the agency for every crime investigated, including those ongoing. This would have blown the cover of undercover agents, and paralyzed the agencies while they produce thousands of documents. This is especially unnecessary, given that the prosecution turns over all evidence for specific cases once they reach court.

The Court of Appeals has since accepted the mandamus, and Judge Case has withdrawn his order. This is the fifth mandamus issued against Judge Case by District Attorney Brett Ligon or County Attorney J.D. Lambright. Lambright, Ligon, and Case were all recommended by Texas Patriots PAC in the 2012 Republican Primary election.

“We are delighted with the work District Attorney Ligon is doing to tirelessly pursue justice, and County Attorney Lambright has proven himself to be an outstanding asset to Montgomery County. Judge Case, on the other hand, has not delivered on the promise to be an effective, impartial judge,” Turner said.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2014
Early Monday afternoon Conroe Fire Department responded to a commercial fire at Conner Industries located at 104 FM 3083. They were assisted by Cut and Shoot Fire Department. When units arrived they found a fire had broken out in a sawdust collection bin. A hose was laid across FM 3083 causing it to be closed to traffic. A ladder truck was set up- to flow water into a small hatch on the large bin and also to cool the bin down. Firefighters evacuated the building and had a power cut to the facility. As crews worked to extinguish the blaze smoke was seen coming from saws and other machinery in the plant which was connected to the dust collection system. It was determined just to be residual smoke feeding back through the collection system. About an hour later the fire was deemed extinguished and traffic was able to once again flow on FM 3083. The damage was minimal.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2015
At 3:15 am Houston Police North Shepherd units attempted to stop a Jeep Cherokee on I-45 at Rankin Road for a traffic violation. The driver refused to stop and led officers on an 80 miles chase with speeds close to 100 mph. The driver went up I-45 to FM 1374 in Huntsville. There the driver went to Highway 75 and traveled back southbound. Conroe Police set up spikes in front of Willis High School which finally ended the chase. One of the suspects tried to run off on foot but was quickly captured.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2015

Sunday afternoon at 12:46 pm Conroe Police were dispatched to an attempt to locate a silver passenger car on SH 105 which was driving erratically. Moments later a call came in for a major crash in front of the Conroe Fire Station. When Conroe Police interviewed Ronald Cooper, the driver of the vehicle that caused the crash, at the scene he stated he had been in church in Conroe and was heading home. He said he struck the green car causing it to flip. Cooper admitted to taking prescription drugs. Cooper told investigators that had taken prescription drugs before to bed and again at 630am that Sunday morning. During the interview, Cooper kept nodding off.

As Crime Scene investigators inventoried Ronald Coopers they found four prescription bottles. They included one for 90 –20mg Oxycodone prescribed by Dr. Rezik Saqer, and a bottle of 60-10mg Valium prescribed by the same doctor.

Conroe Police then learned that beginning in 2014, the Houston DEA Tactical Diversion Squad had been investigating Dr. Saquer and his drug trafficking organization. who is currently operating in Montgomery County, Texas? Based on the Texas Medical Board website and Texas Secretary of State Records, Dr. SAQER is the medical director and supervising physician of TEXAS PAlN SOLUTIONS and STEEPLECHASE PHARMACY, located in Harris County, Texas as well as Integra MEDICAL CLINIC and lNTEGRA PHARMACY located at 3074 College Park Drive.

Officials learned that Dr. Rezik Saqer employs professionals in the medical and pharmaceutical industries to authorize prescriptions for controlled substances and issue the pharmaceuticals. The DEA studied various law enforcement databases and determined that the organization uses trusted associates and family members to distribute the large
quantities of pills and collect the monies owed for the drugs.

During the investigation, a family member of another patient was interviewed. They learned the patient who was being prescribed controlled substances by Dr. SAQER and learned during the interview that Dr. Saqer employs Foreign Medical Graduates (FMG’s), who are not licensed to practice medicine in Texas, to facilitate the distribution of controlled substances such as oxycodone and hydrocodone to criminal distribution rings and to people suffering from addiction throughout Texas. These FMG’s will examine and treat an increased volume of patients and issue prescriptions without a medical purpose and without any oversight by a physician. Cooper filled a prescription written by Obinna Uzodinma on May 2, 2015, Ghada Sager on June 2, 2015, and George Atallah on January 11, 2015.

A Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) analysis of prescriptions issued in the name of Dr. Saqer revealed that from 10/02/2013-10/02/2014, Saqer prescribed 1,600,142 dosage units of controlled substances, specifically Oxycodone and Hydrocodone (Schedule II). On September 14, 2015, a more recent analysis of prescriptions issued in the name of Saqer revealed that from 01/08/2014 – 09/14/2015, SAQER prescribed 907,238.50 dosage units of controlled substances, especially Oxycodone, Fentanyl, Hydrocodone, and Morphine. Saqer charges approximately $300.00 to $350.00 for an initial visit and approximately $100.00 to $150.00 for a follow-up visit. The cash proceeds from the time frame listed above at these clinics and pharmacies are estimated at $5, 796,662.50.

Late 2014, DEA Houston TDS received information from the Montgomery County Forensic Services Department regarding a recent deceased patient that was under the care of Dr. Rezik Saqer. It was stated that multiple drugs in the decedent’s blood were prescribed by Saqer and were a contributing factor in the death of the patient. During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that approximately seven (7) Montgomery County, Texas residents that were under the care of Dr. George ATALLAH, Dr. Rezik Sager, and Dr. Obinna Uzodinma have potentially overdosed. In at least one of those deaths, an FMG who Dr. Rezik Saqer employed to work at Integra Medical Clinic had recently treated and administered Morphine to the deceased patient.

It was also found that between January 1, 2013, and September 21, 2015, Ronald Cooper had been given multiple prescriptions. Most of which were Valium and Oxycodone were filled by either Integra Pharmacy which is located in the same building as the clinic or CVS.

The information obtained from the Prescription Access and Texas Database showed that on August 11, 2015, Cooper was prescribed 325 MG Hydrocodone, a prescription opioid, by Dr. Vidyadhar Hede. Prior to this date, the database shows the Cooper had been under the care of Dr. Rezik Saqer at Integra Medical Clinic, having received numerous prescriptions for Oxycodone an even stronger prescription opioid, and valium, a prescription benzodiazepine from January 11, 2015, until as recently as August 20, 2015. In fact, Dr. Rezik Saqer prescribed Oxycodone and Valium to Cooper eight days after being prescribed Hydrocodone by Dr. Vidyadhar Hede.

Saqer was arrested and booked into the Montgomery County Jail on Tuesday night.

During the execution of the search warrant officials found In an organizer located on
one of the desks eleven (11) documents titled “Fax Cover Sheet” with the heading “Texas Pain Solutions.” In the “from” line of the cover sheet, the forms indicate they are from Dr. Rezik Saqer’s Office. The fax cover sheet contains a copy of a blank prescription with Dr. Rezik Saqer’s signature. The prescription form appearing on the “Fax Cover Sheet” was blank. Clinics frequently sign prescription forms for their staff to fill out and either provide to the patient or fax them to pharmacies. Additionally, the pharmacist on the scene that was interviewed stated that there were no doctors on the premises on Thursdays, but that customers filled prescriptions from Dr. Rezik Saqer’s office on those days.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2015
Earlier Wednesday evening a Woodlands couple were involved in a domestic dispute in their home on North Wynnwood Circle in The Woodlands. One of the two called a family member to come and pick up the couple’s child. The family member arrived and picked up the child and departed. At about 7:00 pm another family member came to the home and discovered both the male and female deceased in the home. It appears they were shot. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is on the scene investigating. Lt. Brady Fitzgerald said it is too early in the investigation to call it a murder/suicide. Additional details will be posted when available. The race or age of the victims has not yet been disclosed. The age of the child has not yet been disclosed.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Montgomery County Search and Rescue, and San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office spent from 9 am until dark on Thursday searching the area on the Montgomery/Liberty/San Jacinto County lines for George Parker, 82, who vanished from his home on Penny Road. Reports were that Parker was diagnosed with Alzheimer/Dementia and high blood pressure. Just after midnight, neighbors who kept the search going located Parker in the woods across the street from his home. After that many hours, Parker said he was fine, had not even broken a sweat, and said he knew where he was at. MCHD was dispatched to the scene to check Parker but found him fit as a man in his 40’s. Parker said he works out in the gym 3 days a week. He said he works to get his heart rate up to at least 150. Parker a former Air Force pilot. A deputy then returned Parker to his home.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
Houston Police responded to a shooting at North Houston Garden Park in the 6900 block of Apache Friday evening. Four persons were transported. Houston Police Homicide Detectives are investigating but say all 4 are expected to live.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2017
Just before 1 a.m. Little York Fire Department responded to the Vanderbilt Apartments at Brundage and Kirkstall in North Harris County. This was the second response within several hours to this location. Harris County Precinct 4 Constables were first to arrive on the scene and requested additional units to start evacuating apartments as flames were spreading from the first to second floors. According to the resident who lived in the apartment where the fire is believed to have started, about 7 pm he plugged a vacuum cleaner in and the wall outlet caught fire. He called the fire department and they responded. The damage was limited to the outlet and the immediate area around it. Due to the electrical issue, the power to the apartment was turned off and the resident went to a hotel. Just after midnight, his wife realized she left the phone charger at the apartment. That is when the resident returned to retrieve it. As he turned into the complex he saw flames coming out of his front window and spreading to his neighbors above. Knowing that neighbor had been home earlier and had a wife and two children he ran upstairs and started knocking on the door, the neighbor hearing the knocking got up and started to smell smoke. His wife and two children were asleep in the living room. He immediately woke them up. As they were evacuating the apartment, his daughter’s front bedroom where she would have been asleep was being consumed by fire. Crews from Little York, Ponderosa, Champions and Aldine Fire Departments quickly brought the blaze under control. According to District Chief Don GIlkey of the Little York Fire Department, the fire is under investigation by the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office to determine if the fire was a rekindle or something otherwise. He said there were no injuries. Even though the complex did not flood, trailers of debris were seen around the parking lot. According to residents, some units are being remodeled.

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