SEPTEMBER 29, 2006

SEPTEMBER 29, 2006

SEPTEMBER 29, 2007
A former Celina resident facing the death penalty for killing a state prison guard during an escape attempt entered a not-guilty plea earlier this week.

Jerry Duane Martin, 38, and fellow inmate John Ray Falk Jr., 41, entered their not-guilty pleas on Thursday in the Walker County District Court in Huntsville, according to Walker County District Court records.

Martin and Falk are on trial for the murder of Susan Canfield, 59, who worked at the Wynne Prison Unit in Huntsville and died after the pair struck her with a stolen getaway vehicle as they made their escape on Sept. 24, 2007. Walker County District Attorney David Weeks said prosecutors will ask the jury to sentence both men to the death penalty.

Martin was serving a 50-year sentence on two counts of attempted capital murder for shooting at Collin County sheriff’s deputies during a car chase near Prosper in 1994, according to Collin County Court records.

Falk was serving a life sentence for a 1986 murder in Matagorda County, according to TDCJ offender records.

Martin and Falk made their escape in a field next to the state prison off of Interstate 45 just north of Huntsville. Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman Jason Clark said Martin was allowed to work in the field since the prison considered him a minimum security risk or a “G2” general population inmate. Martin and Falk managed to overpower one of the field correctional officers. They stole their weapons and a city pickup truck and as they fled the scene, their vehicle struck Canfield who was on horseback and killed her.

Huntsville police, Walker County sheriff’s deputies and TDCJ correctional officers began searching for the pair. Officers recovered the stolen pickup not far from the scene of their escape, Clark said.

Officers first captured Falk just more than one hour later after they abandoned a second vehicle. Police caught up to Martin in a wooded area off of Interstate 45 and set up a perimeter so officers could comb the area, Clark said.

Just before 2 p.m., tracking dogs from the Wynne Unit prison led officers to Martin who was hiding in a tree. Police also found a shotgun in the general area, and Martin did not have any other weapons on him at the time of his capture, Clark said.

Both men were taken to the Estelle Unit near Huntsville and placed them in solitary custody. Guards caught Martin trying to hang himself three days later in his cell at, Jason Clark, Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman. Martin tried to hang himself by tying a pair of his boxer shorts to a light fixture, according to reports.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2013
Just before 4 p.m. Harris County Sheriff’s Office responded to shots fired disturbance at First and Market in the Cloverleaf area of East Harris County. As deputies approached the vehicle to execute a felony remains cltakedown. The vehicle occupied by 3 Hispanic males would not respond to the deputy’s commands. It was then that the driver of the vehicle put the vehicle in reverse and attempted to run the deputy over. The deputy was able to push off the back of the suspect’s vehicle and then fired at least 3 shots into the rear of the vehicle.

The vehicle then sped off with deputies close behind. They continued onto Interstate 10 westbound to Loop 610. As they went around the loop with Harris County, DPS and Houston Police close behind, they began to through what appeared to be narcotics out of the vehicle window.

When the reached Interstate 69 they went north still traveling approximately 80 miles per hour. Humble also joined in as the crossed FM 1960.

As they approached the Porter area they drove across the median, hit the curb, crossed the feeder, and struck the curb on the other side of the freeway. Running into the grass they became stuck in the mud. At that point, they fled into the woods.

The first suspect was taken into custody almost immediately. A dog found the second suspect. The third remained at large for over an hour as a Houston Police helicopter orbited overhead dogs from Houston, Humble, Harris County, and Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office searched the woods for the suspect who was believed to be armed.

It was just north of East Knox where a dog located the suspect. When the suspect refused to show his hands the dog took over. The suspect was transported to Kingwood Hospital by MCHD.

As of 7:30 pm the northbound feeder of I-69 between North Park and FM 1314 remains closed as Harris County continues the investigation.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2014
The North Montgomery County Fire Department recently received a new fire truck from the Texas Forest Service, thanks to a TIFMAS (Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System) grant.

Jeremy Wagner, with the Texas Forest Service, was on hand when NMCFD took delivery of the truck.

“We at the forest service have a process where we select grantees to fund these trucks,” Wagner said. “After applications for grants and are accepted through TIFMAS, the forest service will purchase the apparatus and provide it to the county to be used under the guidelines of the program.”

Those guidelines are mutually beneficial. The department gets an apparatus without depleting their budget and they are responsible for providing a crew, as well as maintenance and upkeep on the vehicle as they use it in their usual local firefighting. When the forest service needs them, due to a wildfire or other major event in their area, the recipient agencies provide the truck and crew. They also use the grant apparatus for mutual aid to other agencies.

Wagner said the wet forecast for the winter months will create more foliage, which will increase the amount of fuel for wildfires when another dry season occurs.

NMCFD Chief Jason Oliphant said his department applied for the grant just over two years ago.

“This year we were one of the recipients of the grant,” Chief Oliphant said. “We have the first one of these in Montgomery County.”

“It’s a state-funded vehicle that goes on any kind of emergency declaration the governor decides on,” he said. “We provide maintenance and manpower when it gets deployed.”

SEPTEMBER 29, 2015
Just before 7 am Tuesday morning a Walker County Precinct 4 Deputy Constable attempted to stop a pickup that was southbound on I-45 near the Huntsville State Park. The driver had been driving very erratically and then got in front of an 18-wheeler and slowed down quickly. As the deputy activated his emergency equipment the driver refused to stop. He sped up and a chase ensued. With heavy morning traffic DPS joined in the chase along with Walker County Sheriff’s Office. The pursuit crossed into Montgomery County with Montgomery County units assisting. They attempted to spike the truck several times and again just south of Loop 336. When they passed Wilson Road they were able to box him in where shots were fired to disable his vehicle. There were no injuries. The driver, identified as Clayton Floyd Rutledge, 46, of Conroe. He was given a field sobriety test and then was taken into custody and transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

The freeway was closed to one lane for over an hour as DPS investigated the scene. Montgomery County First Assistant District Attorney Phil Grant and Investigator John Stevens responded to the scene to assist in the investigation which is a normal procedure on any officer weapon discharge.

According to DPS policy, lethal force is can be used when the officer or someone else is at a “substantial risk of death or bodily injury.”

Troopers can fire at vehicles when deadly force is justified or it’s “for the sole purpose and intent of disabling a vehicle.”



Clayton Floyd Rutledge has been booked into the Montgomery County Jail on charges of driving while intoxicated, evading arrest with a vehicle, and possession of a controlled substance. He is being held on a $51,100 bond.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2018
On Saturday night close to 9:30 pm Montgomery Police attempted to stop a Saturn Vue on Flagship Drive in Montgomery. The vehicle failed to yield and a pursuit started. The vehicle traveled south on FM 149 with Montgomery Police joined by Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. MCSO was able to spike the vehicle near Keenan Cutoff. The vehicle then turned around heading northbound. It continued north until it reached a private drive at the family members’ home. The vehicle crossed the front yard and hit a fence near the rear of the home. It was at this point the male identified as Nolen Goodman (also known as Nolen Meadors) fled the vehicle leaving his girlfriend Rosemary Paez in the passenger seat. As units approached the Goodman fired at least one shot in the direction of police. Due to his background and a threat made on a Tomball family member on September 25, along with firing a shot at that family member home several days earlier. In addition, him disappearing into the night in over 20 acres of open field SWAT was activated. Through the night they worked the area. A DPS helicopter with FLIR arrived on the scene. With SWAT on the ground, DPS, Montgomery Police, Montgomery County Precinct 5, and Montgomery County Precinct 2 assisted in both the search and closing FM 149 until almost 5 am. Due to a low ceiling, DPS was unable to return after refueling. Montgomery Police detained Paez and transported her to Montgomery PD for questioning.

Sunday morning Montgomery PD received a tip that Goodman suspects had returned to the home. They responded to the scene and contacted Montgomery County Precinct 1 who in turn notified Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and SWAT. Close to sunset SWAT ordered FM 149 to be closed again near the scene for public safety. With the family out they were able to extract Rosemary Paez close to 10 pm after several canisters of gas were administered. She reported that Goodman was not in the home. This contradicted what SWAT had already learned with their equipment. SWAT was finally able to communicate with Goodman who told them a bomb was in the home and would be set off if they attempted entry. The stand-off continued and after several events through the night SWAT moved in and took Goodman into custody without incident. Paez was charged with hindering the apprehension and prosecution of a known felon. Her bond was set at $10,000. Goodman is charged with aggravated assault on a public servant and also a Harris County charge of terroristic threat. He was no bonded.

Three members of the Caney Creek Fire Department left out at 4am this morning headed for Hobby Airport. There they will meet 40 other Houston Area firefighters for a Southwest Airlines flight to California. A stop will be made in San Antonio to pick up an additional 100 firefighters. These firefighters are relieving crews that have been there for 3-weeks battling the worst wildfire outbreak in California history. The crews work on 24 off 24 shifts. Several weeks ago several Montgomery County area trucks drove to California, according to Caney Creek Fire Chief that equipment is expected to remain until at least the middle of November.

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