FEBRUARY 16, 2010
Montgomery Fire Department was dispatched to a commercial fire Tuesday morning on Commercial Row just off Highway 105 and minutes from their station.

The call originally came in from a supervisor at MCHD station 43 which is next door to the building. On arrival, it was quickly determined that it would be a defensive fire. As one of the Montgomery firefighters was using a saw to cut the steel roll-up doors he cut his hand severely.

MCHD transported him and a second alarm was called for manpower bringing in Conroe, Lake Conroe, North Montgomery County, and Magnolia Fire Departments.

The businesses Xtreme UTV Works an ATV fabricator, Boyd Construction and Creative Signs were all destroyed. The fire was brought under control close to 7 am. As firefighters were looking for hot spots they discovered a small black kitten in one of the buildings. The kitten was brought out and was not responding. It was then that firefighter Paul Ranges saw the kitten move and immediately attempted to revive the kitten. At the time it was just below freezing and the kitten had been in the smoke-filled offices for over an hour. In addition to having been found lying in the cold water on the floors.

He administered oxygen for well over an hour and sitting in the back of the ladder truck attempted to warm the kitten with a towel and his own body heat. Close to 8am as he returned the tanker to the station he took the kitten to his own vet. Still awaiting word on the kitten’s condition.

The injured firefighter remained in surgery for most of the day and is in stable condition with a severe hand injury.

Jimmy Williams with the Montgomery County Fire Marshals Office spent most of today at the scene with the help of his staff and ATF in an attempt to determine the cause.

UPDATE: The injured firefighter was out of surgery as of late Tuesday afternoon and doctors are optimistic.
On a sad note, despite everyone’s best effort, the kitten did not survive.



FEBRUARY 16, 2010
On Tuesday morning at approximately 8:00am, Conroe Police officers responded to a reported disturbance with weapons at a residence in the 900 block of North First Street. Arriving officers met with a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department Deputy who had located a possible suspect at the residence.

Conroe Police Major Case Unit Investigators and Crime Scene Investigators responded to the scene. Investigators learned that a husband and wife forty years had separated and were living separately with relatives. According to witnesses and family members there had been a history of arguments and disturbances since the separation.
Last night the couple had met at the residence which ended in an argument. Jesus Leon returned to his daughter’s house. This morning approximately 8:00 am Jesus Leon traveled from his daughters back to where his wife was staying on a bicycle and as they talked an argument erupted again. Jesus Leon pulled a 9mm pistol and fired four times striking his wife Eufemia Bautista age 54 one time killing her.

Several neighbors and relatives came out of the duplex type home and attempted to flag down a passing motorist on North First just thirty feet from the front door. The vehicle they were able to flag down was a Montgomery County patrol unit as the Sheriff’s Department just blocked down the street.

The deputy took Jesus Leon age 64 into custody and secured the scene for MCHD and Conroe Police.

Montgomery County Justice of the Peace Pct. 2, Trey Spikes pronounced the victim dead at the scene and ordered an autopsy.

Jesus Salas Leon was transported to Montgomery County where he was charged with one count of Murder, First Degree.




FEBRUARY 16, 2011
At 2:15 p.m. Porter Fire Department, MCHD, DPS and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to Ravenwing Drive between Canary and Red Bird for a reported 3-year-old child run over by a vehicle. When they arrived MCHD requested Life Flight to transport the little boy who was in critical condition.

According to Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Detective Hahs the aunt of the child Marie Luna, age 25 and the child’s mother 22-year-old Susie Luna were going to buy food and left the 3-year-old in the home with six other children. As they backed up in the aunts Ford SUV they felt a bump. When Susie Luna got out she found the child under the vehicle. He had been run over by the left rear wheel.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office was notified and would be making a determination if charges would be filed. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office units were assisted by DPS. Since the accident happened on private property MCSO will be the lead investigators on the case. The baby remains in critical condition at Hermann Hospital.





A spokeswoman from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston has confirmed that a second Bryan firefighter died from his injuries.

UTMB says 54-year-old Lt. Greg Pickard died this afternoon. He was a 32-year veteran with the Bryan Fire Department.

Two others are still in the hospital after receiving severe injuries after a fire near Downtown Bryan.

Lt. Eric Wallace was among those trapped inside the building when a portion of the roof reportedly collapsed. He was killed as a result.

A relief account has been set up for donations the fallen and injured firefighters’ families. It’s at Wells Fargo under the Benefit Donation account for the Bryan Fire Department.
Wells Fargo Bank, Main Branch
3000 Briarcrest
Bryan, Tx 77802
Attn: Bryan Firefighter Fund

“During the fire effort the Lieutenant and the firefighter off of that first arriving engine company made entry into the building and radioed they were low on air and needed assistance,” explained Bryan Fire Chief Randy McGregor. “At that point, the order was given to evacuate the building and the firefighter on the initial engine company was able to escape the building. The Lieutenant was removed by another team of firefighters where he later succumbed to his injuries.”

Two firefighters have also been injured in the fire. Firefighter Ricky Mantey Jr., 30, and Probationary Firefighter Mitch Moran, 21, are last listed in stable condition. They were taken to St. Joseph Hospital in Bryan, then by helicopter to UTMB in Galveston for treatment of burns. Both of them and Pickard were part of the third truck in the RIT Team. The team stands by in case a firefighter becomes trapped. It is then their responsibility to rescue the firefighter.

Pickard had been a Battalion Chief with the Bryan Fire Department but at his request was given a Lieutenant. His reasoning was that he was hired to fight fire and not stand on the side lines.

A recent benefit was held for Eric Wallace after his fifth child was born premature and incurred extensive medical costs.

Firefighter Ricky D. Mantey Jr., 30, and Probationary Firefighter Mitchel S. Moran, 21, are receiving treatment, but UTMB officials tell us both are in critical condition in the Blocker Burn Unit. A surgeon said the men had major burns and require skin grafts.

“We are able to remove skin that’s been burned temporarily and use skin from our skin bank, that have been donated by good people of Houston and the area to be used in such emergencies, as a temporary cover to prevent infection, to decrease pain,” UTMB Galveston Dr. David N. Herndon said.

Before Friday, only one Bryan firefighter had died in the line of duty in the department’s 150-year history. The city just held a ceremony last week to honor that fallen firefighter, who died 35 years ago.

A visitation has been scheduled from 6-8pm Wednesday in the chapel of the Adams Funeral Home, 129 Coleman St. in Marlin, TX. The funeral will be held the following day at 10am at the First Baptist Church, 3100 Cambridge in Bryan, TX.

Funeral services for Pickard are still pending.

Officials said an initial $20,000 check will be presented to Brandi Wallace to help with the family’s immediate needs. The organization will then assess the family’s needs to determine additional support. On average, the 100 Club’s financial support is about $300,000 per tragedy, officials said. For information on donating to the 100 Club Survivors Fund, visit

“You just never expect something like this to happen and especially to know that fireman were injured,

Early Saturday morning after fellow firefighters learned of Wallace’s death several gathered around the base of the flag pole in front of the Knights of Columbus Hall and lowered the American flag to half mast.





FEBRUARY 16, 2013
Just before 4 p.m. a Splendora area man received a call from his girlfriend stating she was at a mutual friends home in the 15800 block of West Relza just outside the Splendora city limits. As she talked to the male he had made some inappropriate comments to her causing her to call her boyfriend.

When the boyfriend arrived an argument between the two males started and escalated.

Moments later the mother, father of the boyfriend arrived on the scene, with them was a 10-month-old child and the argument intensified. It was at that point the occupant of the home retrieved a gun and started to fire.

Fearing for their lives the mother and father got into the truck with the child and fled the area. As they fled the occupant of the home fired at least two shots at the truck. The female driving ducked down in the seat to avoid and flying bullets and ran into the ditch. It has yet to be determined if any shots hit the truck.

The occupant then retired back into the home with the boyfriend of the female.

Montgomery County dispatchers were notified of the incident and dispatched several units to the scene. One of the first was a Splendora unit who called for back-up.

Other units arrived at the scene and took up defensive positions.

At first, it was thought the boyfriend was being held hostage inside the home. But he eventually exited the home and stated he was not being held against his will.

With the occupant of the home refusing to exit the home the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department SWAT Team was dispatched to the scene.

Both East and West Relza were closed to all traffic as SWAT took up positions and SWAT Negotiators began to communicate with the occupant.

Just before 9 p.m. he was taken into custody. Charges are pending at this time.




FEBRUARY 16, 2014
A Roman Forest resident was at his daughter’s home Sunday morning working on her Mercedes. Using his wrecker he lifted the front of the vehicle up and was underneath the vehicle attempting to adjust the shift linkage. That is when the vehicle rolled backward falling on top of him. It was unknown exactly how long he was under the vehicle before being discovered. When family members and neighbors saw him they immediately attempted to use jacks found in the garage to raise the vehicle off of him.

MCHD responded along with New Caney Fire Department. Medics were unable to help the 48-year-old man.

He was pronounced deceased by Justice of the Peace James Metts who also ordered the victim be transported to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy by Eickenhorst Funeral Directors.

The name of the victim has not yet been released by Roman Forest Police pending notification of family members.




FEBRUARY 16, 2016
Just after noon today Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables were dispatched to Old Houston and FM 1314 to meet with a female who reported being shot at as she drove down the road. Deputies learned a 24-year-old mother with her 3-year-old son in the backseat was traveling north on FM 1314 near Riverwalk when a black Tahoe started following very closely. The woman changed lanes several times but the Tahoe kept following very closely. She then pulled into the center turn lane and stopped as did the Tahoe. As the female got back into the left lane the Tahoe passed her on the right at a very high rate of speed. The driver pointed a gun at her and fired three times. Two of the shots hit her vehicle, one in the rear door near her son and another in the rear window. As she continued north a Hispanic male in his 20’s emerged from the sunroof of the Tahoe and fired five times. The female stopped at Old Houston and called 911.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public her in identifying the males and also if anyone witnessed the scene unfold to contact Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office or Crime Stoppers.

Two Hispanic males are identified as being in their 20’s. One has a buzz haircut and the other hair shorter on the sides than on the top.




FEBRUARY 16, 2018
After just over a month being closed, North Thompson Street in front of the Montgomery County Courthouse will reopen this afternoon. This morning Mayor Toby Powell made the final inspection of the work in preparation for this afternoon’s ribbon cutting. Just over a month ago construction crews removed all the bricks from the street. Many of which were protruding causing a danger to pedestrians. All the bricks including the ones purchased years ago with names were all put in safekeeping. The cause of the road issue was there was never any concrete under the pavers, just sand. Once the bricks were removed crews also discovered a water leak that had gone undetected for an unknown amount of time. Once that was fixed, crews poured a concrete base and then replaced all the bricks. However, there was an added touch. A 35-foot image of the State of Texas is in the center of the road. The image was done using a satellite image then traced onto the road using sharpies. On-hundred-eighteen points were matched and the concrete forms were set and poured. Where Conroe is located around a steel plaque was set. That plaque was donated by Mayor Powell and his wife. While Mayor Powell worked with Industrial Components of Texas in bringing a 71,000 square foot manufacturing facility last August to Conroe he thought about the German Facility which he knew was able to do laser work on steel, The bricks which did form Montgomery County which had been there before will be relocated to the Montgomery County Veterans Memorial near the Montgomery County Flag Park. At 2 pm this afternoon there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the location. The next phase of the project is to repair the sidewalks.




FEBRUARY 16, 2018
Just after noon today a Montgomery County Hospital District ambulance was getting ready to enter SH 99 from US 59. The unit with a driver and medic did not have a patient. As they drove westbound on the access road they approached Valley Ranch Drive. It was there a driver pulled out in front of them and was T-boned by the ambulance. The medic and two persons from the vehicle were transported to the hospital in stable condition. This is not the first crash at the intersection as there several a week, Vehicles coming from Valley Ranch must stop for cross traffic on the feeder. However many motorists believe it is a 4-way stop and pull out in front of cross traffic. DPS Sgt. Barnhill was in contact with officials not long after the crashes started happening. stop signs were then installed along with signs indicating “CROSS TRAFFIC DOES NOT STOP” in addition WRONG WAY signs were moved further from the intersection so they could be seen. Still, motorists ignore the cross traffic and do not stop and pull out into the moving traffic lane resulting in a crash.



FEBRUARY 16, 2019
At 10:20 am Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office received a call for a possible disturbance/robbery-shooting on SH 105 East at South Duck Creek at a taco stand. Units arrived on the scene to find a deceased male in the parking lot of Taqueria Maria Bonita Taco Stand. Currently, Detectives are interviewing witnesses and the employees of the Taco Stand. Additional details when available.

230PM UPDATE-Detectives say the male who was shot pulled up to the Taco Stand and became involved in an altercation which started several days ago. The Taco male employee and a 16-year-0ol employee were working at the time. The male worker shot the victim several times. The victim was pronounced deceased on the scene. Montgomery County Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace Dunn arrived at the location and after the inquest ordered Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport the victim to the Montgomery County Forensic Center. Detectives on the scene did find a weapon in the victim’s vehicle but were still investigating as to if it was displayed at the time of the incident. The Montgomery County District Attorney is assisting in the investigation. The case is being referred to the Montgomery County Grand Jury without charges at this time.

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