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We are still getting messages about video links not working on older stories. We are working as much as possible to correct that. Recently BLIP a service that stored our videos to be broadcast notified us that they were shutting down. They had given us only 4 days to pull well over 3000 videos off the server. An attorney friend was able to get that date extended.

At this point we continue to pull the videos and then reload them to YOUTUBE where they will now be stored. Once they are reposted we will go back on the stories and relink the videos to them.

The videos are mostly from Montgomery County but several from the early 2000’s are of all areas that I shot as part of my job.

In the mean time you can go to the link below which will take you to our Youtube playlist. There you will find videos sorted by month and year. You can keep up there as we upload daily. Also by hitting subscribe you will be notified as new video is uploaded to the site.

Once again sorry for the inconvenience.


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