WalkerCoSO80-11476FinalNovember 1, 1980 a truck driver traveling IH 45 through Walker County, Texas came across an unclothed woman lying face down on the shoulder of the road just north of Huntsville, Texas. According to police reports the woman had been beaten and sexually assualted before being strangled to death. Autopsy results also concluded that the beautiful, young girl had been sexually assualted

with a blunt instrument and bitten on the right shoulder. The only thing left on her was a very thin gold chain with a stone pendant.

When authorities made public that the young girl had been murdered, several people did come forward stating that they had seen a teenager fitting her description. There had been even one positive identity from a man that had seen her in the gas station on Halloween night in 1980. According to the man who had identified her, she had been wearing blue jeans, a yellow pullover sweater, and high heel sandals. She has also asked for directions to the Ellis prison unit. Another person has also reported

that the same teenager came into a restaurant a nd asked once again for directions to the Ellis prison unit. Once given directions, the teenager was never seen again.

Here are the specifics of the Walker County Jane Doe. The young girl between 14 112 -16 112 years-old was found in Walker County, Texas on November 1, 1980. She is a white female, s’s", 108 pounds, medium brown hair color, and hazel eyes. She was a very attractive young girl who had a gold chain with an color stone hanging f rom it.

If you can please pass this around to everyone you know so that this young teenager girl ca n be identified, it would help the family who has lost her get some kind of closure. If you happen to recognize this young girl, please contact Lieut. Perkins or Det. Stephen Cole at the Walker County Sheriff s Office at 936-435-2400.


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