On Thursday, August 29, the Huntsville Police Department, in conjunction with Troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety, attorneys with the Walker County District Attorney’s Office, Walker County Sheriff’s Office personnel and Judge John Gaines with the Huntsville Municipal Court, participated in a “No Refusal” initiative enforcing laws pertaining to Driving While Intoxicated and other related laws.

Over ten arrests were made by officers with the Huntsville Police Department and Department of Public Safety. Of those arrests, several warrants for blood specimens were issued by Judge Gaines as some of those arrested did not provide specimens voluntarily.

“Although we were successful in removing a number of intoxicated drivers from the streets, we are disappointed that more people didn’t take advantage of designated drivers or other alternative means of travel after drinking,” said Chief Kevin Lunsford. “Our goal is to make travel safer for our citizens, and we would rather people not drink and drive instead of having to arrest those that choose to drive after drinking.”

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  1. tom_336

    The first dwi offense is a fine of “up to” $2000. Most of this is court cost, jury fees etc. There is also surcharges which are usually 1000 a year for three years. Surcharges are put back towards the community, half goes to hospitals and the rest is put in various safety programs. Your other $10000 is usually for an attorney to find a technicality in your case so that you don’t learn from your mistakes.

  2. lastcountry

    Exactly – people seem to think cops get a commission or something.

    it’s the something that worries me.the more power you give to judges and law enforcement, the more they will use,,i’m not agains’t jailing drunk drivers, just the way it’s done,,which i think is unconstitutional,,

    and law officers from bottom to top, are commended for the number of arrests and citations..and the monies collected shor ain’t returned to the tax payers,,
    so, show me where I’m wrong !!

    1. Jamie Nash

      There are so many safe guards now – not only built into law enforcement equipment, like all the cameras and audio, but also 90% of the public having the ability to shoot video with their phones- this recognition is not for unwarranted citations and trumped up charges.
      I don’t want the money collected – I want it spent on better tools to enforce the law and to protect officers from scumbags.
      People gripe because they say cops are never around when they’re needed and then they gripe when they’re around too much. Police can’t win.

  3. spk

    Why would anyone who drives or rides bicycles or motorcycles or even rides in small cars not want a drunk driver to be arrested and punished? What should we do with them–take them home and tuck them into their safe, comfortable beds and tell them not to do it again because it can kill/hurt others?

  4. Joker

    Good job getting these individuals off our streets before they commit involuntary manslaughter! People don’t seem to take drinking and driving seriously until they go to jail a few times, kill someone under the influence or lose a loved one. Sad that’s what it takes for some folks. Be smart…call a ride

  5. lastcountry

    “Our goal is to make travel safer for our citizens, and we would rather people not drink and drive instead of having to arrest those that choose to drive after drinking.” he said (chuckling with glee and dollar signs dancing in his head ))

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