Just after 9am Monday morning the employees of Jeff’s Jewelers  located at 4890 West Davis were preparing to open for the Thanksgiving week. The doors had not been open for business when a white commercial type van  with EDH Plumbing lettered on the side pulled up to the front door. Five black males jumped out of the van. All were dressed in black with ski masks covering most of their faces, When they encountered the front door they began beating it with sledge hammers eventually breaking the glass. Several employees already ran to the back as the males started beating the door. Jeff Turner Jr., the son of owner Jeff Turner who own the business ran to the back door and threw the security rail off of it. That was when he realized he didn’t have his keys. Within seconds, as four of the males started smashing the cases with sledge hammers one ran to the back with a gun, Several also had trash bags and zip ties. Jeff Turner Jr. felt they were going to attempt to tie the employees,

However, as the lone gunman entered the back room he was met by one of the jewelers working in the back, That jeweler happened to be armed with a shotgun. Unable to shoot due to the close proximity of the other employees. That didn’t matter, when the gunman saw the gun he yelled to his accomplices  that they have guns and fled to the front of the store. At the same time the other four abruptly halted their smashing the cases and fled through the hole in the glass of the front door. Each falling over the other as they tried to flee the armed jeweler.

The van was located a short time later along a dirt road off Highland Hollow. It was abandon.

EDH Plumbing located in Houston near Antoine and Hempstead Highway was the owner of the van. It was reported stolen over the weekend and reported to Harris County. At the time of the robbery Harris County had not entered it into the computer system.

Conroe Police are continuing their investigation and processing the van for evidence.

Jeff’s is closed today as the glass cases are repaired and the store is cleaned up.

Ironically, for all their work, the robbers left completely empty handed.

Ironically it was ten years when Jeff’s was robbed in their old location on Thanksgiving week.








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  1. LocalDrifter

    You kidding? Not hard ‘toll. Gimme a black robe, 12 chairs, and a bit-o-rope and I’ll put 14 people out of a job all by my lonesome. Only job I won’t assume is burial detail. Just leave their empty souls on the ground for critters to have a final gnaw at ’em.

  2. spk

    This is the main reason I believe law-abiding citizens should also be able to carry guns. Criminals will have them whether it is legal or not. The only way people can compete with these low-life criminals is to carry their own gun. Thank goodness the employee in the store had his gun. Too bad he didn’t use it and blow all five of these abusers away. It isn’t the first or the last robbery they will commit. This is how rats make a living: abusing others! The more rats killed in this kind of act, the better mankind will be.

  3. LocalDrifter

    At the time of the robbery Harris County had not entered it into the computer system.

    I’m not surprised. They are still waiting to enter the Lindbergh baby kidnapping into their system with Bruno Hauptmann as the prime suspect.

  4. noname

    This is what happens when you breed stupidity with welfare…… get stupid criminals. Good Job Jeff’s Jewelers! Keep your employees armed !

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