On August 11, 2018, at about 4:25 pm, Conroe Police Officers responded to the 300 block of S. Loop 336 W. in reference a robbery. This location is a First National Bank branch inside of the Kroger store. It was reported that a male approached the bank teller and demanded all of the money or they would be killed. No weapon was displayed but the teller feared that the suspect would follow through on the threats. An undetermined amount of money was given to the suspect who then fled the store as a passenger in a White Dodge Charger. The Conroe Police Department is asking for help with identifying the suspect(s). Please contact Investigator C. Hill at (936) 522-3335 with any information.

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  1. atexan

    What world are you living in? Asides from your fun stereotyping little comment, the kroger in question moved literally across the street from the old one. . You do know there was a Kroger where taco cabana is right? And that that was the one that moved.

  2. michelle227

    Have to wonder if Kroger is having second thoughts about moving to that location yet…it didn’t take the Amazing Kreskin to see this was going to be occurring on a regular basis. It was NOT occurring with this regularity at the 105/336 location…This one makes it too easy for the corridor thugs to do their thing and scurry back to the land of leniency.

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