Approximately 1:45 a.m. Monday there was a report of a woman waking to a man at her window. When the resident turned the light on she was able to see the man exposing himself and appeared to be snorting something out of a bag.

Montgomery County Deputies are in the area.

He was described as a white male, brown hair and brown eyes. That was all the description the witness was able to get.

The incident happened on Desert Star Drive.

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  2. kcsummers

    I wish someone would have gotten a look at the vehicle he was in. I was in that neighborhood the other day and a man in a dark colored chevy followed me around the neighborhood and then a ways down 242 before I was about to get a couple cars ahead of him and turn off and he couldn’t… He even waited for me on the other side of a red light that he made it thru and I did not… that was when I got scared. I knew better than to stop and thankfully I was able to lose him… scary stuff. Hope everyone is paying lots of attention to what’s going on around them…

    1. Jamie Nash

      Always try to get a license plate – if you have a hands free feature on your phone, use that and call someone to have them write it down in case they do hurt you or damage your vehicle and flee the scene. You’ll be doing yourself and police who investigate the crime a big favor.

  3. jsho1972

    I live on Desert Star,,,would be nice if they posted at addressor block number. If i happens at my house…he’d have one heck of a surprise

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