WARNING: The red-light grace period ends soon

The Conroe Police Department has implemented the Red Light Camera Program at 10 intersections in an effort to improve public safety.
The photo-enforcement cameras are located at 10 intersections:

“Citation Period” will begin February 4, 2010. Citations will be issued with civil fines of $75 for violations.  

  • S/B Hwy 75 (Frazier) @ N. Loop 336 W
  • E/B N. Loop 336 W @ Hwy 75 (Frazier)
  • W/B N. Loop 336 W @ Hwy 75 (Frazier)
  • N/B Hwy 75 (Frazier) @ Hwy 105
  • S/B Hwy 75 (Frazier) @ W. Phillips
  • E/B Hwy 105 @ Highland Hollow
  • E/B Hwy 105 @ N. 10
  • E/B Hwy 105 @ Sgt. Ed Holcomb Blvd.
  • S/B Hwy 75 (Frazier) @ S. Loop 336W
  • N/B Hwy 75 (Frazier) @ N. Loop 336 W th St. Cameras will operate 24-hours a day and capture images of every vehicle running a red-light at the intersection. Warning signs alerting drivers to the red-light cameras have been installed prior to the warning period. The program is administered by American Traffic Solutions, Inc. (ATS) with each violation reviewed and approved by the City of Conroe Police Department prior to being issued.
    Red-light camera technology is just one way the City of Conroe will make local streets safer for everyone. For more information about the City of Conroe red-light safety program, visit
    The City of Conroe has contracted with American Traffic Solutions Inc. (ATS) which provides red-light and speed camera enforcement programs for more than 200 communities across North America. More information about ATS is available at or
    The Conroe Police Department will keep you informed frequently as the Red Light Program is put into place for the safety of the citizens and visitors of Conroe.


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