Warren Steed Jeffs Brought to Texas to Stand Trial on Felony Sexual Assault of a Child Charges

At approximately 9 p.m. Tuesday night, Warren Steed Jeffs arrived in San Angelo, where he will stand trial for sexually assaulting a child. Law enforcement officers with the Texas Rangers and the Texas Attorney General’s Office escorted Jeffs to the State after taking custody of him in Utah earlier in the day. Jeffs is currently being held without bail and awaits trial in Texas on two charges of sexual assault of a child and bigamy.
Warren Jeffs

Schleicher County indictments against Warren Jeffs

To date, seven of 12 YFZ Ranch-related suspects have been convicted of sexually assaulting children. The cases resulted from a cooperative effort among the Texas Attorney General’s Office, Texas Department of Public Safety, the Texas Rangers, the Schleicher County Sheriff’s Department and 51st Judicial District Attorney Steve Lupton.

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  1. i8ntellinu

    I think they should put this sicko away. There is no telling how many lives this sick ass has destroyed. And for what? His own sick sexual satisfaction. He doesnt deserve to breathe air. I hope he rots in jail

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