About 2am this morning Consolidated Telephones Metro-E modem they installed began to throw sparks right after a lightning flash nearby. Internet went down. Consolidated was called and we were told that we would get a call back within an hour.  That was at 3am. At 8am we waited on hold for 1 hour for them to tell us it will be repaired between 3 and 5 today. The problem is when it was installed almost 5 years ago we were told a 2 hour response time. So if you are looking at Metro-E which is super fast at the cost of $466.00 a month. Don’t fall for the 2 hour response. Until the tech gets out here we will attempt to update from mobile devices.


Currently we are watching Caney Creek at 2090 as it has come up over 10 feet since 5am. It is estimated to hit almost 23 feet. Major flood stage is 18 feet. Our last heavy rain closed Crockett Martin near 2090 when it hit 17 feet. currently it is just below that.

Fire Departments around the county have been working water rescues since early this morning.

At the height of the storm Caney Creek, Needham, New Caney, Porter, Cut and Shoot and NMC Fire Departments were battling an oil tank fire on Willingham near Waukegan.

With calls coming in at the rate they are, Conroe Engine 4 was dispatched to a call on Riley Fuzzel near the Grand Parkway.

People please don’t drive into high water.

This morning a car driving through 6 inches of water over the road on FM 1485 was swept off the road. Thankfully the occupant was ok but required the fire department to rescue them putting firefighters at risk and pulling them away if needed for fires or other emergency’s

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