Meagan is in a non-induced coma. They have taken her off of all sedation medications and are inserting a feeding tube to get some nutrition in her.  According to her mother who remains at her side Meagan rolled her eyes under her eyelids Tuesday night when they called her name.


Just after 630am this morning MCHD responded to an auto pedestrian accident on Keenan Cut Off across from Ron’s Grocery.

Meagan Lemons, a 14 year old Montgomery High School student  was walking out to the Montgomery ISD school bus which was westbound on Keenan Cut Off. The bus had stopped to pick up students. The bus driver activated it’s warning lights and put the stop sign indicator out.

Just then a  SUV traveling at 35-40 MPH struck the girl throwing her almost thirty feet. It is believed the SUV attempted to stop on the wet road but hydroplaned but the accident is still under investigation by DPS.

MCHD responded to the scene as did Montgomery Fire Department. Life Flight was dispatched from Sugarland which was the closest helicopter to the scene. The Medics realizing the extended flight time decided in an effort to conserve time to start moving toward the helicopter. They met Life Flight at FM1488 and FM 149 with the help of Precinct 5 Constables and Magnolia Fire Department.

Meagan is resting at Hermann Hospital tonight with her mother at her side. The CAT scans are showing bruising on the brain. She is in a non-induced coma. She has a broken leg and facial scratches. CAT scans are being run every two hours as a precaution.

We will update you as soon as we have any further information.

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