Every morning I check with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant or Corporal that is going off duty to get a report. I usually get information about thefts, assaults, traffic stops, warrants served stolen vehicles, vehicle and foot pursuits and such. This morning I was informed that a deputy made a traffic stop and wrote a citation for a traffic violation. I was thinking “okay, we do that every night so what makes this one different?”

The Sergeant went on to explain that the deputy noticed that the defendant had a bunch of junk/trash in the bed of his pickup. The deputy issued the citation and went back on patrol. Later on, the deputy noticed that some junk/trash had been dumped on the side of a county road. He got out to investigate and realized that the junk/trash looked like the stuff that was in the bed of the pickup he had stopped earlier.
He hit the jackpot when he found the citation he had just written in the pile of trash.

A visit was made to the defendant at his residence. The citation was given back to him. He was given the option of cleaning up the trash or going to jail. He took the first option and went back and picked the stuff up.

Many times, the deputies dig through trash that has been dumped. They try to find anything that will identify the person that dumped the trash. If you see someone dumping trash on the Liberty County roadways please get the license number and a description of the vehicle and person. Then call the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office at 936-336-4500 X 1.

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  1. WtfNtx76

    Exactly what I was just referring to with the comment I left on the Splendora Man Indecency with a Child article. The material reported is more times than not gonna favor to the image of elected officials, law enforcement, alleged victims, etc.. Innocent until proven guilty, corruption within, cops at fault, etc…. is not gonna pass through so easily. Simple as that.

  2. WoodlandsDude

    Next time you check in with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office could you please find out the disposition of the case a few weeks back where a deputy apparently failed to yield right-of-way to traffic on 105, pulling in front of a motorcycle and causing the riders death? Thanks in advance. If the deputy was allowed to cause the motorcycle rider’s death without consequence, or if he has been charger in accordance with the law, it seems like you could find that out and post it here on your website. Unless you are just shilling for these local law enforcement agencies. Thanks in advance.

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