Monday night was like any other night for Jack Smith, owner of Jacks Barbeque on SH 105, just a few miles from the Shell station known to everyone  in the Midway Community as “Sam’s Store.” Each night Smith makes his trek to Sam’s and spends several hours on the machines. Monday night he had just been there a short time, another woman was also there playing the machines in the back of the store.

It was just before 9:30 and within minutes of Jack arriving that he heard the familiar cow bell on the front door ring one time. Then a males voice saying. “Give me your money bitch.” Smith explained he really didn’t take note of that as many people walked in and joked with their friend and store owner Sam Sadruddin the same way. Comments like give me your money were not that uncommon. What was different was instead of Sam’s laugh a shot was fired.  Jack looked up from the back of the store to see Sam standing with his hands partially spread and a strange look on his face. Then another shot and Sam went down.

Smith concealed himself behind a beer display, as the woman next to him hid herself under the machine. Smith called to her for her cellphone and called 911. “It was within forty-five seconds the first unit arrived. A Montgomery County Sheriff’s Patrol unit had been just across the street less than five minutes before and was just east of the location.

The first deputy came in and found Sam unresponsive and not breathing behind the counter.

Due to the displays between the front of the store and the back of the store neither person was able to see the shooters. It is believed there were two suspects that then fled on foot toward the rear of the store and vanished into darkness.

“Sam’s such a good guy, he would give you anything”, Smith said, “he would help you if you needed help, if you didn’t have the money today, come pay me tomorrow.”

Smith said it happened so fast they were unable to see nothing.



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  1. MariW

    Sam was a wonderful guy just as this story talks about. He is missed and will continue to be missed. God bless his family and may they find peace in the end.

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