Late Tuesday night, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office received a reporters of family violence in the 9900 block of Slaughter near Faulkner. As units responded, the 27 year-old female caller told 911 operators that she had been shot in the leg and had shot four additional people. Moments later, another call came in from a family member stating she was outside in the woods with two small children and there was nobody in the home besides the woman and she had a gun.

As units arrived on the scene, fire and multiple ambulances were dispatched and staged away from the scene. As officers approached the 911 operators were still on the phone with the woman in the house, attempting to talk her out.  However, within minutes officers reported the woman had set the doublewide mobile home on fire. The fire quickly grew to the point flames were erupting from the windows.

As the house burned, the caller then walked out on the front porch with a rifle and quickly retreated into the burning home and returning again. When she emerged this time, rifle in hand, the woman tripped and stumbled. Officers attempted to rush forward, but she was able to regain her composure first and raised her weapon before any of them were close enough to subdue her. Multiple shots were fired from police and brought the woman to the ground. Deputies quickly puled her away from the burning home to the road, where EMS attempted for almost thirty-minutes to revive her. She died from her injuries.

Montgomery County Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace James Metts pronounced her dead and ordered Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport her to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy.

Texas Rangers along with the Montgomery County District Attorney  Shoot Team assisted Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department Detectives in the investigation.

The woman’s name has not been released pending notification of next of kin.


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  1. CJ

    Where were all of you that want to knock down others when they obviously needed help why not take responsibility and reach out to help. Don’t you think its just as much your responsibility to help as you feel it is to criticize. This women had troubles and needed some help may God help you all if you happen to run into trouble yourself. Prayers for all involved, glad no one else was hurt physically however their are many hurting mentally and for years to come. “Ignorance is always swift to speak” James 1:19b

  2. Eastcountynative

    They did have patience. She repeatedly went into the house and came back out. Then she fell and officers tried to get to her, she regained her composure and pointed the gun at them before they could subdue her. How much more patience could they have used. Like I said I knew this woman and the majority of the time she was high on methamphetamine. She had twins that she barely cared for. The family had the baby’s more often than she did. Sorry that you don’t approve of the word crazy but tell me one sane person that goes and does the things she did.

  3. spk

    last country is delusional. ‘Patience’ when a woman comes out of a burning house she has set on fire, gun pointed at you and has told everyone she has already killed four people? Why don’t we send you in and see how much ‘patience’ you have? I’ll bet not as much as they did.

  4. lastcountry

    With my own eyes and ears i have witnessed LEOs aggravate a situation that could have been dealt with in a different manner, instead of as some of the Gong- Ho officers here like ,,sometimes patience would be more beneficial than rushing ,,I learned that from law officers..
    think about that in this case !!

    1. Jamie Nash

      Gong Ho? Is that some sort of Asian gang, or a reference to someone’s morals? I’m confused… or maybe I’ve gong crazy…

  5. LocalDrifter

    You won’t find me calling her crazy. Maybe strung out, irrational, an addict, a threat to law enforcement and civilians alike but not crazy in the conventional use of the word. Thing is you’ll never be able to call her again. Doo Dee Tweet. That number’s been disconnected or is no longer in service.

  6. jenniferwr

    If me saying HAVE RESPECT FOR HER FAMILY makes any of you sick, YOU are the one with a problem. take RESPONSIBILTY? I believe she paid a great price for the problem she had. No where in my post did I say it was ok for anyone to act that way or do those things. NOR DID I SAY the police did anything other than their job. I’m greatful they were able to go home to their families. I’m very disappointed that people would rather gossip than support a family dealing with such grief. Words of encouragement and prayer go a long way. Be thankful no one else was hurt and pray a family is able to overcome, or have it your way. YOUR CHOICE we all have them. At the end of the day, she had an addiction that I believe caused her to act this way. Hippocrites on the other hand CHOOSE to act this way because of an UGLY HEART.

  7. Eastcountynative

    Crazy? When u point a gun at cops that would be considered somewhat crazy. I knew this woman as well and she wasn’t always in the right state of mind. She was a drug addict. She told 911 that she had shot 4 people. You might not of thought she would of never normally do something like this, but when someone is high on meth you never know what they are capable of. MCSO did what they had to do.

  8. spk

    No matter how ridiculous and dangerous the behavior is that can’t be taken care of by the family and friends and has to have police involved, there are people who are going to take up for the criminal and be sorry it wasn’t the police who were called who didn’t get killed instead. This is ridiculous! If they were so wonderful, don’t call the cops.

  9. LocalDrifter

    Something was wrong…

    Sure was and her skitzie behavior made it certain it went beyond the point by which it could ever be corrected.

    It’s a glorious day when responding badges get to go home after confronting a rifle leveled at them.

  10. kiss_me_im_not_irish

    ALL OF YOU NEED TO JUST BE QUIET!!!!!! Obviously you didn’t know her! I KNEW this woman… and I know that she would have never normally done this… Something was wrong…

  11. LocalDrifter

    This was so out of character, for the girl I knew.

    That’s always the rote copy/paste comment when their pal gets busted for going against the norms of society. Lots of behind-the-scene darkness goes on in everybody’s circle of friends.

  12. splendoraskeeper

    Jenniferwr, honestly did you even read what you wrote before you posted it. What your saying is that. The act of cling police to tell em you shot 4 people then torching your house and coming at police with a rifle is not CRAZY? People like you make me sick yall are the reason society is going to crap. Let’s take something completely off the wall insane like this and push it under the rug or forget about the bad thus person did and just remember the good since she died. I’m sorry for what happened but that was all brought about by her own actions. PEOPLE need to take responsibility for their actions . And thanks McPr for getting us more details yall are great

  13. jenniferwr

    Crazy?? I don’t believe that is an appropriate description. Please keep in mind this young lady has children and family that could possibly read this. I’m sure everyone shares the same feelings as far as being greatful no one else was hurt during this tragic episode. I knew this lady personally and when I read the reports as to what took place, I was and still am, in complete shock. This was so out of character, for the girl I knew. Everyone has their own opinion just saying ATLEAST be respectful of family members who lost a mother, daughter, sister, and friend. Also I will be praying for the ones being so judgmental that you NEVER experience anything like this with someone close to you. God Bless!

  14. spk

    Now we get the whole story, or at least more of it. The other newspaper gave a few things, but it didn’t make sense because they didn’t have the missing pieces. Sounds like this woman wanted the cops to shoot her. You don’t come out of the house with a rifle pointed at the cops after telling them that you shot four people unless you are planning to die or kill others. Glad law enforcement made it out alive. You were only called because nobody else could handle the situation.

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