A 52-year-old female was flown to Hermann Hospital Tuesday evening in critical condition after she reportedly fell off her Arctic Cat four-wheeler at Crystalwood Estates and Crystalwood Circle in New Caney. When EMS and New Caney Fire Department arrived on the scene she was not responding and had a severe head injury.
New Caney Fire Department closed a section of FM 1485 at Pickering for a short time for Life Flight to land.
The details are unknown as of yet what happened as there was nobody that actually saw the accident. Residents in the area had seen her riding it up her street and then saw her lying in the street.
However once EMS and New Caney Fire Department arrived within minutes of the call the four wheeler had already been moved from the scene by unknown parties.
Trooper Woolsey was continuing the investigation, found the four wheeler at the home of the female
DPS stresses that anytime an accident happens and there is either property damage or an injury it is illegal to disturb the scene in any manner until law enforcement officials arrive. This is on any public roadway and with any type of vehicle, bicycle, 4 wheeler, automobile or even a carriage. In addition it includes private property when an injury occurs.
DPS would like anyone who witnessed the accident to contact the DPS New Caney office.


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  1. powerbyg

    I met Pat at her place of employment. She was a friendly and caring person and I will miss her. I pray God will comfort her loved ones.

  2. LibertyTiger10

    this was my aunt and it’s still absolutely unbelievable. seeing the pictures and video makes it seem so much more real. she was amazing and will be greatly missed.

  3. Theresa

    I don’t know who regina18texas is but I think that you could be a little more respectful to the family and use a different choice of words in your post. Your term “face smashed” definitely came off very disrespectful and could of been worded a lot differently!! Everyone is entitled to their own oppinion, however you have to be considerate of the ones left behind.

  4. regina18texas

    There is a lot more to this accident, you don’t get 10 broken ribs, your face smashed and brain dead. There was definitely another vehicle/people involved.

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