McKenna Elsie Decoudres, 32, of the Woodlands has been identified as the driver who led police on a pursuit on US 59 for almost 20 miles going the wrong way. Just after 7 pm a female driver was northbound in the southbound feeder of US 59 at Townsend. As she approached the southbound exit for Hamblin Road she cut off a Ford SUV causing that driver to flip his vehicle. He was not injured. THe driver then entered the southbound main lanes of US 59 at the Hamblin McClellan Road exit striking several construction barrels. She then started driving northbound at a high rate of speed. As she crossed northpark one of the barrels wedged under her car flew out into the main lanes. Multiple calls came in to various agencies. A Montgomery County Deputy spotted the female near FM 1314 and attempted to stop her. The deputy traveling directly behind her with lights , siren and running at speeds close to 100 mph. At SH 99 the Patton Village Police Chief joined in as he left an EMCID event. The chase continued north in the southbound main lanes of the freeway. In addition Roman Forest, Patton Village, DPS and Splendora assisted Montgomery County. Several motorists MCPR talked to credit the deputy going the wrong way behind the driver with his overhead lights with other drivers not crashing. Wayne King of Cleveland said if it wasn’t for the slow down move over law he would have been hit head on. As it was he saw the lights coming at him and went to the center lane barely missing being hit. The chase continued to Fostoria Road where she exited onto US 59 where it turns into 4 lanes with a grassy median. She attempted to turn onto Morgan Cemetery just south of Anderson Ford. Thats where police took her down at gunpoint. MCSO was conducting a field sobriety test on the female as HPD worked the crash on in Harris County at Hamblin Road. Patton Village Police Chief Shannon Sharp said, Without a single doubt…. this was all God. There really is no reason why someone did not die tonight. There is no reason why nobody is hurt. This all because the selfish and despicable acts of another. So many officers put their own lives in the line to try and stop this crazy person. I can tell you that these officers involved from MCSO, Patton Village, DPS, Roman Forest PD and Splendora PD were absolutely on top of their game. This cohesive multi-jurisdictional team if law enforcement professionals that I have witnessed develop over the past year and a half in East County is amazing. I cannot express how proud I am of every single man and woman that make up East County Law Enforcement
Decoudres remains in the Montgomery County Jail this morning on a charge of driving while intoxicated 2nd with no bond set and evading arrest with a $3000 bond.

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  1. Catlette

    Good job guys!!! Second offense she’s lucky not to have killed someone…we can only pray she seeks help this time and there won’t be a 3rd time!!! Her luck might run out!! If there is a 3rd, I pray it’s only herself she hurts….not innocent victims!!

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