Caney Creek and New Caney Fire Departments responded to a major accident with entrapment on Tommy Smith near Fire Tower Road Tuesday night.  When they arrived they found a vehicle in the ditch occupied by a female. The drivers door was jammed shut from the impact with the ditch and the vehicle had heavy front end damage.

MCHD and firefighters were able to remove the woman and transport her to Conroe Regional Hospital in stable condition.

She told Troopers that she had just left home and was eastbound on Tommy Smith when she reached for her cell phone. That is when she went off the edge of the road striking two mailboxes. One of those with a solid pipe moved little as she pivoted on it and landed in the ditch.



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  1. Rowdy

    At least it wasn’t a motorcycle, or a kid walking along the road.If you need it that bad stop, put on your flashers and find the phone you shouldn’t be on anyway. Mailbox 1, car 0.

  2. LocalDrifter

    That’s one way to get a phone left in the back up to the front.

    (Dumbfounded that it takes an 8″ ASTM 30 rated pipe to support a 2# mail box but sometimes it simply does.)

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