031714 INTRUDER SHOT.Still001About 9:30pm a 64-year-old Porter Heights woman heard something at her front door. When she looked out she saw a male on he front porch within a gated entry area. She yelled out through the door for him to leave and stated that she was armed. At that point the 27-year-old male attempted to gain entry to the home. Using a small caliber revolver the home owner shot twice through the door, When she looked out she no longer saw the male or a vehicle.

It was at that point she called the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.. Arriving officers at the home in the 20600 block of Youpon found the male in front of the home.

MCHD transported the yet unidentified male to Ben Taub Hospital in Houston in very critical condition. He was pronounced dead on arrival.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office responded along with Montgomery County Detectives.

No charges will be filed at this time but the case will be presented to the Montgomery County Grand Jury.

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  1. Catina Alexander-Sager

    Please disregard my previous post that post was meant for something else…Just realized that I was on the wrong page. I am SO SORRY FOR THE MISTAKE…Thank you…

  2. firefyter

    This was on off duty HFD firefighter and former Marine that supposedly had to much to drink on St. Pat day and went to the wrong house thinking it was his. Homeowner did the right thing, sad though, drinking to much was a bad decision. Prayers for homeowner and family of deceased.

  3. littledcb

    This is such a tragedy. I know this young man and his family. There is more to this story than what is being reported. Please sustain from making any rude or crude remarks about this young man. If you only knew this young man, you would know that this was a horrible tragedy. He was a Marine who served his country in Iraq and served his community as a Houston Firefighter. He was deeply loved by his family and friends and he will be greatly missed. Please pray for God to give his family the strength to get through this terrible tragedy.

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