Just after 8 a.m. Wednesday morning Walker County EMS responded to an injured party call in the 200 block of Highway 190 East, just east of the intersection of Highway 30 and Highway 190. When they arrived they found a 43-year-old female stabbed multiple times.

Medics worked to stabilize her and contacted Life Flight to respond to the scene. She was then transported to Houston’s Hermann Hospital in critical condition. As of late this afternoon she remains in surgery.

According to Huntsville Police a family member of the woman was called by her asking for help. He in turn contacted 911.

Huntsville Police and the Texas Rangers spent most of the day searching the home and property.

Huntsville Police K-9’s and Blood Hounds from TDCJ searched the area without finding any additional clues.

Huntsville Police are not releasing the victims name as of yet and will update.

The Huntsville Police Department is asking for the publics help on this case. If anyone has any information please call the Huntsville Police Department at 936-291-5480





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  1. lastcountry

    Thanks localdrifter,,that’s the best advice that could be given..I try to teach my grandkids this,,regardless if they need law enforcement or EMS,,call 911 FIRST !!
    your logical and informative post gives me hope…

  2. LocalDrifter

    OK all you victims and people in peril out there, don’t be a moron and do this… a family member of the woman was called by her asking for help. Be smart and get the cavalry on the way before you call your niece or your husband or the lady that feeds the dog while you’re out of town. All splendid folk, I’m sure, but completely useless when it comes to affecting your safety or stemming the flow of blood after someone’s turned you into a pin cushion. Cut out all the middle man and call 911. Life Flight transporting tells me her phone tree silliness took a big bite out the limited time she had left before bleeding out entirely.

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