Just after 10 pm on Tuesday a Conroe woman driving a Saturn SUV was eastbound on SH 242 at Interstate 45 when she failed to see emergency and construction vehicle stopping traffic. An 18-wheeler from Montgomery, Alabama loaded with a fifty-two ton, one hundred thirty foot iron beam was traveling northbound on the feeder of Interstate 45 and turning west bound into the construction area. Witnesses said the driver of the SUV was on her cell phone when, without hitting her brakes slammed into the beam and going partially under it. MCHD along with Needham Fire and Rescue and The Woodlands Fire Department were able to extricate the woman from the vehicle. The woman who was transported to the hospital in stable condition told crews she had just left church.

College Park westbound is closed until 5 am as crews move several more beams into place for the new SH 242 flyover. Motorists needing to travel west are asked to use the u-turn lane from northbound I-45 feeder and travel south on the south bound feeder to St. Lukes Way then west to be able to access College Park Dr.

The eastbound lanes at I-45 will also be closed short periods as the beams travel through the intersection.



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