Wednesday the Montgomery County Shattered Lives Program took place at The Woodlands College Park High School. Almost sixty students participated in the program which included a crash and two students being taken to jail for being intoxicated. Several others were taken to area hospitals including one by PHI Air Medical.

Other students were pronounced dead on the scene. Their parents who also attended were notified of their deaths.

The program has always attempted to teach students the dangers of drinking and driving. However , texting and driving has also been introduced into the program.

The program which relies on donations puts on four such programs a year and center around Prom Time.



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  1. spk

    I can’t decide about this program. Teenagers need something over the top to get a grasp on reality when they drive. I am not sure I could sit through this, but I am very ‘wussy’ and squeamish and faint easily. I’ve heard good things about the program. Wish teens and young people (under 40) could just get the fact that these cars are large weapons if in the wrong (immature, irresponsible) hands and, if they live, the rest of their lives (and other’s lives) are ruined.

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