David Lee Victorick, 57 of 32206 Willow Creek Park in Conroe was arrested Friday after turning himself in on a open warrant charging him with online solicitation of a minor.

After a month long investigation by the Montgomery County Precinct 3 Constables Office , the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office presented the case to the Montgomery County Grand Jury.

This week the Montgomery County Grand Jury issued a True bill and a warrant was issued for Victorick’s arrest.

Victorick is a teacher at The Woodlands College Park High School where he is also the boy and girls assistant golf coach as well as the assistant basketball coach of the College Park Cavaliers.

Victorick started his teaching career in 1978 and was certified in both grades 6-12 biology and physical education.

Additional details will not be released until Tuesday.

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  1. getagrip29

    This is in response to your Comment LocalDrifter

    No where did the allegations mention molestation
    Or physical contact or age, and if that were the case I’m sure the reporters who broke the story would have felt the need to write about that as well being they felt the need to print the story in the first place there will be no details involving small children released on tuesday, So if you don’t know what you are
    Talking about you should keep your opinions to your
    self and unfortunately in today’s society every ones
    Opinions seem to end up on a forum fraught with other speculation my comment to all who feel the need to post their negative comments…

    He who lives in Glass houses… As far as I am concerned, this man has had a vey positive impact on hundreds of students over the. Years, most people who have come into contact will tell you the same. The follow up release from the school district
    Has clarified that this was not a student related issue
    So those parents who have now speculated need to calm down, and move along. He chose to retire and deserves to retire regardless of what people may think. NON OF US ARE PERFECT THINGS HAPPEN AND GOOD PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES
    AND LOSE their way..

    THE ONLY PERSON WHO IS PERFECT IS GOD and even he can forgive someone who has lost their
    Way!!! Judge not lest ye be judged so put that in your pipe and smoke it while you slip off your soap box

  2. LocalDrifter

    Those additional details will go something like this…

    Victorick ended his teaching career in 2013 and was arrested for solicitation of both sexes ages 6-12 for sexual and physical molestation.

  3. spk

    Solicitation of a minor on a computer? Is anyone so stupid or so desperate that they do this and don’t know absolutely everything can be traced if it’s on a computer? Why would anyone risk their livelihood/job, family, etc. to do this? Incredible and unbelievable, but it happens every day.

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