Just before 10 pm Wednesday a Willis business owner returned to her home on East Sterling Pond. As she pulled into her driveway she noticed a sporty black vehicle parked in front of the house with the interior lights on. 

She then pulled into her driveway and went into the house.

Seven minutes later three black males  described as young ad between 5’-6” and 6 feet tall forced their way into the back door. One male detained the female homeowner as the other two went through the home looking for valuables. In the upstairs area they found a safe and jewelry and returned to the first floor.

As they walked out the back door the females husband returned home. He parked his car in the driveway behind the vehicle which his wife saw in the street when she arrived home. A scuffle started between one of the black males and the male homeowner as the home owner was chased around his vehicle. One of the males then got into the drivers seat and pulled out of the driveway. He then ran the homeowners vehicle up onto the curb in the front of the home. All three males then got into their vehicle and fled, leaving the safe lying in the driveway.

Montgomery County Major Crimes Detectives responded to the scene along with a Crime Scene Unit.

Detectives say neither homeowner saw a weapon displayed but the male s they described as having a very heavy foreign or African accent and language. The homeowner was positive that it had not been Spanish which they spoke.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department reminds residents to be aware of their surroundings. A suspicious vehicle should be reported immediately.

They also ask that anyone with information on this crime to contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office or Crime Stoppers.

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  1. Joker

    Chased the homeowner around the vehicle? What is thi? The bungling Benny Hill Burglary? This could have went wayyy worse and as mentioned above arm yourself honest people of MC. Only way to roll.

  2. lastcountry

    This would have been a time for a CHL.

    how stupid, you don’t need a chl on your own property !!they didn’t need a “CHL”, they needed a weapon and the will to use it !!then call 911 ASAP, heck the wife could have taken a couple of them out while they were chasin the husband around !!

  3. skyman

    Why dont you punks try that in my home. You are welcome anytime…… seriously let me save the state time and money. This should be a lesson to everyone. Start carrying a handgun and know how to use it. This WAS your house not theirs.

  4. bbarr

    The homeowners were both lucky and unlucky……lucky that these thugs didn’t have a gun…. and unlucky in that they themselves did not have a gun so we could be of rid of three more worthless societal leeches.

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