On Monday, November 11, 2013 at approximately 8:10 PM, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from the S & A Grocery, located in the 25000 Block of Grogans Mill Road.

The clerk advised four males entered the store brandishing hand guns and demanding money. The clerk was forced behind the counter and assaulted. The actors left with an un-disclosed amount of cash, cigars and cigarettes. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office units responded to the location but were unable to locate the actors.

Descriptions of the suspects are vague and investigators are in the process of reviewing evidence.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with information to call the Major Crimes Unit at (936) 760-5876 or Montgomery County Crime Stoppers.

Crime Stoppers will pay up to a $1000 cash reward for information leading to an arrest or indictment of a felony crime. Call 800-392-STOP (7867). Anonymous tips can also be made through the Montgomery County Crime Stoppers WEB PAGE at

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  1. 09mack

    We do but if you do your research hardworking most of the ones have been from there. So you can take how ever you want. I know they are every where. Even the law has said that’s where most of the robberies and vandals are coming from. Thanks

  2. hardworkingwoman

    Your statement about them being from H town.
    DO you think that is the only city/town near Mont. County that has thugs?
    Get real!

  3. arkoutdoors

    in the early ’80s Pulaski County, Ark., sheriff Tommy Robinson, reacting to numerous convenience-store robberies, posted signs at “stop-and-robs” of an armed lawman wielding a shotgun, warning criminals that an armed sheriff’s deputy might be in the store’s back room. Deputies were actually assigned at random to hang out in the back room. Opponents called him reckless, but it worked, stopping the robberies.

    Robinson had a flair for publicity. When the state prisons told sheriffs there was no room for more inmates, Robinson handcuffed inmates to the prison fence.

  4. spk

    Crime has been coming this way (north of Houston) for decades. It will keep coming even to the Woodlands and beyond. That is the way things have been–it’s not a new thing. Crime comes out from the city. It is here and can’t be hidden anymore, no matter how we try to make things seem squeaky clean and perfect. Until our society decides we aren’t going to allow this abuse by this large group (criminals), we just as well get used to it and prepare to defend ourselves.

  5. LazyCop

    Now again….why can’t our numerous law enforcement personnel and venues stake out these easy place to rob and catch a few of these in the act ? What ? Oh….they are too busy writing tickets to teens and moms with minor traffic issues too actually proactively set up some “stings”, shotgun squads or other known ways to put a stop to this disturbing trend in our Northern areas…especially The Woodlands. Hey politicians and managerial law enforcement personnel…are you listening…we are tired of this this being a “candy store” for Thugs from dirty Houston…do something…anything.

  6. CnSTx

    Since the clerk was on private property, so long as their employer allows them to carry, they can.
    “In Texas your employer has the right to restrict your carrying of a handgun at work even though you have a CHL. It has been that way since the inception of the law in 1995.”

    There were four males with handguns, even one having a handgun would have been useless. It’s a pistol, not a magic wand.

    There are a lot of CHL holders that carry and the only rounds they put downrange were when they took the class. The high ammo prices, range fees, and lack of time mean very little practice. A large majority of people who do carry are not proficient or capable of shooting in a stressful situation.

  7. 09mack

    Clerks need a concealed hand gun license. All this would stop. Put a sign in front door clerk is armed enter at own risk. I bet with 4 of them guns taking money cigars cigarettes they are black actors from H town

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