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Posted: 11.4.2017 18:14


At approximately 8:40 am on April 11, 2017 an 18 wheeler pulling a flat bed trailer, driven by Curtis Adair, 31, of Point Blank, was north-bound on US-59. Adair attempted to crossover from the north-bound lanes of 59 across the south-bound lanes to Loop 116 (south end). As Adair was crossing the south-bound lanes of traffic, his trailer was slammed in the back half by a tan 2011 Kia Soul driven by Marley Chapla, 21, of The Woodlands. Chapla’s vehicle was fully lodged under Adair’s trailer as the 18 wheeler pulled off the highway to Loop 116 dragging the car. Allegiance Ambulance Service was dispatched to the scene along with the Livingston Volunteer Fire Department Heavy Rescue Unit, Deputies from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and Corporal Ramey Bass, Donny Akers, Darwon Evans and Sergeant Sam Lattner (all with the Texas Highway Patrol). Sadly, Chapla was killed on impact. Adair was physically okay. Traffic on the south-bound side of 59 was partially blocked during investigation and cleanup. Justice of the Peace, Sarah Arnett performed an inquest at the scene. A first-call car from Cochran Funeral Home transported Chapla from the scene. A rollback wrecker from LakeView Wrecker recovered Chapla’s vehicle and it will be stored in Livingston. This accident remains under investigation by the Texas Highway Patrol.

This crash remains under investigation. No additional information is available at this time.

The other side of the trailer shows the car’s engine compartment very visible.
21 year old Marley Chapla, of The Woodlands was driving this 2011 Kia Soul when her vehicle slammed into the back half of an 18 wheeler trailer on US-59 at the south-end of Loop 116.

1 year old Curtis Adair, of Point Blank was driving this 18 wheeler when his trailer was slammed by Chapla’s vehicle.
Corporal Ramey Bass with the Texas Highway Patrol is the primary investigator.
Troopers Donny Akers (left) and Darwon Evans speak with the driver of the 18 wheeler (31 year old Curtis Adair).

Justice of the Peace, Sarah Arnett performed an inquest at the scene.