Would the real Monte Lane please stand up?

EAST MONTGOMERY COUNTY – With the race for Montgomery County Pct. 4 Commissioner heating up, and early voting starting tomorrow, things have begun to get ugly. That is, for the incumbent and one of his three challengers. Unfortunately, things are about to get much uglier.

As a reporter, I have rarely written an article in first person, and have never done so regarding an election. However, having firsthand knowledge of this situation and many of those involved, I believe I owe it to my fellow constituents of Pct. 4 to share that information, along with what my research and multiple interviews have revealed.

Serious allegations have been made and charges have been filed. Some are new and some are old, but the common denominator is candidate Monte Lane, who is challenging Commissioner Ed Rinehart a second time for his seat, after losing in a run-off election four years ago.

Some may already be aware of allegations about the assault of Monte Lane’s daughter at his own hand, her removal by Child Protective Services, the involvement of law enforcement and the family’s subsequent move to Utah.

That synopsis only skims the surface of the story, told in explicit detail by more than one member of another family. They no longer live in Pct. 4, but they say they could not sit back quietly and watch someone they believe to be a liar, a fraud, a racist and someone capable of violence possibly take a powerful position.

Since they came forward in the last two weeks, the assertion has repeatedly been made by the Lane camp that this family is part of Rinehart’s campaign. They say the mother, who has been the most outspoken, is a liar and the story, which includes photographic and other evidence, is a fabrication to discredit Lane and get Rinehart re-elected.

Therein lies the rub, this story did not come to my attention just since Monte Lane’s campaign signs started popping up. The woman he repeatedly called a liar in an over 2 ½ hour interview, contacted me with this information in 2007 when I was employed by another publication.

I was presented with the same details regarding Lane’s alleged abuse of his daughter, the involvement of Child Protective Services, and her concerns that he was getting away with it and the child would be in more danger.

Although the story was disturbing, several factors prevented me from pursuing it. Monte Lane had lost the primary election the previous year. He was once again a private citizen and there was no way of knowing he would ever run for office again. If he were in trouble with law enforcement for child abuse, I reasoned, he certainly would not put himself in a position for his life to be under a microscope. He also had a large extended family who I felt there was no reason to embarrass.

I believe most responsible journalists do not want to cause the child any more harm by publicizing what has happened to their family so that everyone they know and their friends from school will be aware of what happened.

However, now that Monte Lane has voluntarily placed his life and his family under scrutiny, and the woman in question under attack, people need to know that she came forward with the same story when Rinehart had already beaten Lane and there would not be another election for three years.

At that time, she spoke of her concern for his daughter, who is now a high school senior. Now, she and other directly involved members of her family are expressing their concern for voters they are afraid will be duped.

In the coming days, I will be posting a series of exposes about this and other issues related to the Pct. 4 Commissioner’s race. I hope voters will take time to consider the facts and evidence presented and make an informed and intelligent decision when they go to the polls.

Tomorrow, learn more about the family who came forward to stop Monte Lane’s quest for power and what they say he did to his daughter and their son.

Read Lane’s response to their allegations. Learn which questions Lane would and would not answer and his explanation for the family’s move to another state and to photographic evidence that their statements were true. Also, did he or didn’t he apologize just a few months ago to the young man who was involved in the situation?

Stay with us, this is only the beginning…

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  1. ccp

    Thank you Jamie, for telling the TRUTH-people are hearing you, and taking notice. Thank you, because by putting this story out there and telling the truth you are saying to my son that it was NOT ok for Monte to treat him that way, to discriminate against him, to threaten him; and to Monte’s daughter that there are those out there who wish to protect her, believe in her and be there for her. Tyler nor I neither one have anything to defend…we did the right thing then, and are continuing to do so by telling the truth…
    Pantherpride…there ya go again, speaking on something you truly have no first hand knowledge of! I surmise by your comments, both here and at the Courier site, that in your opinion Tyler should have not cared about this girl or dated her because her daddy’s a racist and it upset him, therefore Tyler should slither away as if he weren’t good enough for her; that when she asked for his help in getting away from an abusive situation he should’ve turned his back on her-as you obviously would have. Thank God for this child that she had someone else to turn to besides a bunch of dumb a s s es like you!! As for the football game that you referred to-Tyler has played football since he was 5 years old, he’s always participated in any area event so why in the h e ll would he stay out of one because Monte was there???? Oh I know, again he should slink away because he may upset Monte, right?? If you took the time to read the story posted by Jamie on Feb. 16th you read Tyler’s interview and know that he referred to that incident as yet another one that Monte tried to approach him and make nice-probably when he was trying to get all the 18 and over boys to register to vote for him, but Tyler didn’t-because we have chosen to stand up and tell the truth for this community doesn’t mean that we should hide from anyone!! It’s people like you pantherpride, and your friend Monte who continue the bigotry and hatred in our community and our country…like Mrs. Michaels said, where’s Monte’s proof that this is all false? And tell me please tell me why we made all this up, dreamed up all these details and names…one day the truth is going to slap you in the face in such a way that you will no longer be able to deny it…I’ll accept your apology then, thank you!

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  3. popcornlinda

    I don’t care any thing about Lane, I am very happy with voting for Ed Rhinehart again, & again and again, He truly loves east montgomery county and our youth….He is a kind and caring man, so I won’t waste my time reading about a man I don’t have an interest in voting for anyway….

  4. pantherpride

    In December of this past year I attended a function that was sponsored by Mr.Lane. There were several area youth there. This is not uncommom for any of Mr. Lanes events. I was pleased to see that even the young man (ccps son) was also in attendance. It was a fun day and there were lots of laughs. There was no hostility between the young man and the Lanes. Now, I dont know about all of you but, if I felt threatened in any way by any one person, I would not be at a function that the WHOLE FAMILY were at.

    Mrs. Micheals, We agree on something. The best decision East County ever made was to get rid of Bishop. Hayden is doing a fabulous job of cleaning up our county. This is proof that East County residents are aware of the matters that need to be addressed.

    The accusations being made agianst Monte Lane, in my opinion, are just poor attempts to ruin a mans reputation. Not only his reputation, but the reputation of his whole family. Let us remember that there are children involved here. Children that have nothing to do with this. The Lane children are wonderful, beautiful, well mannered children.

  5. supportemc

    krosstx – Like you, I feel the more the media gets hold of this the better off we are. Please forward message and links to your contacts and notify the press and the local television stations! Action needs to be taken before he slips away again.

    ” Call to Action
    There are no other forums prior to the election. The Fire Chief forum on Wed 17th is not open to the public. Media may attend.

    The media is the only resource to produce the answers necessary for the voters to be informed.

    Despite all the evidence and testimony to the contrary, the Laniacs and Harrisites say “if there was anything to the child abuse story the papers and media would be all over it”.

    Here are the facts: The papers, CPS, and law enforcement were aware of the incident regarding child abuse by Monte Lane and the terrorist threats he was making on the other victims and their families. But, because it occurred after Lane had lost the 2006 election, Lane was no longer a public figure. So, as anyone who understands the media knows, media does not report CPS cases unless CPS makes the press release or law enforcement indicates that CPS was called to a scene of abandon children, or there is an arrest . This is done to protect the minor.

    Monte Lane has chosen to put himself back in the public square, where the allegations exist. When it involves a public figure, the press has a duty to investigate and help the public make an informed judgment. Especially when it involves a unproven entrant to an important office.

    That is the primary reason we hold the unabridged right to a free press in this country, so dear. All the other things the press does is to put stuff between the advertising. When they are called to duty, they have to respond as journalists. Based on testimony of witnesses and the conclusions that are drawn from the evidence. We need to hear the findings. They must hear a call to action, in this case.

    Some of the victims in the abuse case have been trying to warn the public about the abusive nature of Monte Lane. The Courier and Observer and Houston Press has not contacted them or Lane for comment.

    Some of those victims are still in fear for the safety of their children, but have the courage to report their story. They have identified themselves to the media and authorities.

    The allegation is that Monte Lane abuses children and makes terrorist threats.

    Lane is pushing out Laniacs and Harrisites to deny the abuse, and that he lied to CPS investigators and the Sheriffs office. That is not a denial by Lane himself that the incidents occurred. It is just Laniacs and Harrisites flapping their jaws and keyboards. When Monte Lane has been confronted he has become combative, abusive and belligerent.

    There are credible adults making the accusations, the accusations were in play long before Lane filed for office. There was not politics involved on the part of the accusers, they are not residents of the Pct.They were concerned for themselves and others and were reporting a crime at the time. They had reported the incidents to authorities at and about, the times that the acts were taking place, for concern about the children and from fear of the threats being fulfilled.

    Think about how many ways the county government touches the lives of children and families. Commissioners set the priorities of county government and law enforcement with their budget setting authority.

    Sun Light is the disinfectant of dirty little secrets. There are plenty of witnesses, school officials were involved, law enforcement, plenty of other individuals were present or saw the end result which support the facts and conclusions. The media needs the support and the demand from the public to know the facts to avoid the Lanaics and Harrisites accusation of media bias. They have been preemptively been making that charge, since their campaign began. The media needs to have AX requests to determine the demand for the story. This is an investigative reporters job. When you pick up the paper you need to know you are being told, what you need to know.

    The Concerned Citizens forum was a fabricated stunt created as a media diversion, “Hey…look over here, look over here… I’m the victim…over here”. When in fact the story was getting out that Lane was the victimizer, terrorizor and abuser. He stated that he feared for his life and cancelled appearance with the media for questions. Even though the Sheriff, Constable and many officers were present and no one else had concern.

    The media needs the support and the demand from the public to know the facts, to avoid the Lanaic and Harrisites accusation of media bias. Contact them, tell them, you want to know. Demand that they get all the facts. The victims and witnesses are still alive.

    The media have an obligation to ask the questions and supply those answers in context to the public with the proper analysis.

    The victims names are posted elsewhere and known to the media, they are redacted here ( XXXXXXXXXXX ) to avoid exposing minor children and potential rape victims.

    Monte “Harris” Lane:
    “Was XXXXXXXXXXX taken to CPS for fear of further injury by you.”

    “Did XXXXXXXXXXX report abuse by you to CPS?”

    “Did XXXXXXXXXXX receive medical attention for the injuries inflicted by you.”

    “Were your children removed from your custody by CPS.”

    “Did you threaten others involved with physical and moral harm.”

    “Did you tell CPS or Sheriffs investigators that XXXXXXXXXXX had been raped and beaten by someone other than yourself, in an attempt to deflect guilt and responsibility?”

    “Were the text messages made public on and and in the possession of the other victims and their family created and sent by ” XXXXXXXXXXX ?”

    “Will you; Monte Lane produce XXXXXXXXXXX , to answer questions regarding this case?”

    “What and how many children have you abused?”

    “What is your definition of abuse?”

    “What threats have you made against people, regarding the reporting of this case, journalists included.”

    “Have you fabricated false allegations against your opponent to deflect attention from this issue.”

    They know how to do their job, we just need to get them to do their job!

    From that reporting the voters can decide if the acts disqualify Monte Lane from office. The statutes of limitations are still in force for the alleged crimes. But, the court of public opinion is entitled to the verdict of the press. Demand they ask the questions and print the answers and print the statements of the other witnesses to the crimes.

    All it takes to get the answers about the person who holds himself out as qualified to judge his opponents, is the demand of the citizens upon the media to investigate.

    The Laniacs and Harrisites will go to any lengths to pressure the media not to investigate and make the information public. Members of the media have been threatened by Lane and told to back off and threatened directly by Monte Lane.

    As citizens it is your duty to insure that our press is free of that pressure and demand a response to the questions. Hold them to the public trust. Tell them to have courage of conviction.

    This is broadcasting in the blind, it can not be done alone. If you want to know whether Monte Harris Lane is qualified to hold the office that he seeks or disqualified by his acts. You have to demand that the media investigate and report the facts to the public.

    How much power do you want Monte Lane to acquire? How would he use it?

    Write a letter to the editor of the Courier and Observer.
    Send an email to the editors tell them you want them to cover this story as news. Uncover and report the facts. Forward this email to them add your outrage and voice.
    Courier [email protected]
    Call the Conroe Courier 936–521-3400
    Call the Observer at 281-446-4438
    [email protected]
    Montgomery County News
    [email protected]

    KHOU CBS 11
    [email protected]

    KTRK ABC13
    [email protected]

    KPRC NBC 2
    form @

    KRIV Fox 26
    (713) 479-2801
    form @

    Call and leave them a message or tell them this story is in the public interest. Monte “Harris” Lane wants to be a public person, hold high office in Montgomery County, He opens himself up to questions about his character. Demand the investigation before the polls open they have the talent and resources and the electronic means of delivery.

    Forward this message to your friends ask them, if they are concerned, to respond as well. The voice of many will speak volumes.

    Lane wants to hold himself out as sitting in judgment, He is in a public person who wants to be Commissioner of Pct 4, that is a responsibility that should not be bestowed lightly.

    Anything substantial in the way of information about this incident posted on news blogs, the Laniacs flag as abuse. If you read this, copy it and pass it on, and repost. when it comes down. If you have information about the case let it be known! Now.

    Follow the blogs on the Courier
    and Montgomery County Police Reporter

    Early voting starts Tuesday.. Go to the East County court house the Laniacs and Harrisites will be on the tailgate of a pickup truck in the parking lot. Ask them point blank. Then Vote.

    Make this email viral, send it to everyone who would be concerned and take action. If you have lists send it, if you know people who have lists send it to them and ask them to send it out! “

  6. krosstx

    I wish more media outlets would run this story. We as voters need to know the person that will be deciding how our tax dollars will be spent. DO we want someone who is a liar, a child abuser and a racist in that position?

  7. mrs.michaels

    If the residents of precint 4 were smart enough to finally wise up and get Bishop out of office, surely they are smart enough not to let this racist biggot in office. I am still trying to figure out why Lane would even want to run for commissioner? Is he really stupid enough to believe that he can change something for the better? Seems to me that all he has been able to do is abuse children, physically and emotionally. I was around back in 2007-I was at the house when Lane’s wife picked up the boy for a church dance with the daughter and everything seemed fine then. At least until he thought his daughter would actually have a boyfriend that is bi-racial. Hmmm! News flash-Monte Lane, aren’t you bi-racial yourself? Have you forgotten about your father of middle Eastern decent or are you too embarrased of your lineacy?

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