About 10 pm an All Points Wrecker was northbound on Business 59 in Splendora. According to witnesses, he went through the intersection of FM 2090 with a green light. A Dodge pickup was westbound on FM 2090 and failed to stop for the red light. He slammed into the wrecker ripping the bed from the frame and bending the frame. The witness said the wrecker swerved at the last minute avoiding what could have been a head-on crash. The driver of the Dodge truck was cited by Splendora Police for not having a driver’s license and running a red light. He did however have insurance on his vehicle. There were no injuries.

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  1. Michael

    We’ve had a real upsurge in people driving without driver’s licenses (and often without insurance) since the Colonias went in out here around Plum Grove. It’s a mess! What are the odds this Dodge pickup truck came from the Colonias? Just saying. :-\

    1. res

      No doubt from back there- I’d bet money on it. I’ve come close to getting in wrecks all the time coming through these colonias. They don’t know the traffic laws, so they are clueless as to who has the right of way, and just pull out in front of you or freeze at a 4 way stop.

      This driving without a license and insurance thing is getting out of hand around here. And there are tons of these shady insurance companies in Houston that have signs that say “No license, no problem!”. Should be illegal.

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