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I’m lost! Can you help me find my way home?
I was found May 1st early in the morning….. cold, wet, hungry and trying to find my way home.Not an easy task considering I’m very old, blind, deaf, 3 lbs, unaltered and have no teeth.I have no collar or tag on.Was wearing a red sweater for some time, matted and dirty from being lost.I like to be held.A nice Lady, Susan found me, she’s been trying with the help of some other new friends to help me find my way home.Not sure where home is but I think it’s Splendora. We are not having any luck finding my family…..Do you know me? Do you know my family or where to find them? I just want to go home……Another new friend Tracy picked me up tonight from Susan who adores me but can’t keep me.Hopefully she can help me find my way home…she took my to see Lindsey, owner of Pretty Paws Pet Parlor who was working late to see if she knew me……she didn’t but agreed I was in terrible shape and needed grooming.I had a much needed bath and grooming with lots of pics.I was so matted I had to be shaved and my nails were extremely long.I’m so exhausted and relaxed, I fell asleep before we left.Easy to tell I have been groomed many times before.I am very well behaved and well nourished.Somewhere I have a family that ‘s looking as hard for me as I am for them…..can you help me find my way.I will be checked this weekend to see if I have a micro chip.I found the feed bowls pretty quickly once we arrived here….decided I was actually hungry and try to each the tiny hard food while waiting for the can food…..found out just how hungry I really was.The other fur-kids here want to play but I’m so tired and miss my family…I just want to go to bed.Please look at my pics….Do you know me? Do you know my family? Can you help me find my way home? More pics on Splendora Folks page
It’s important to mention I volunteer for Yorkie rescue group and this little fur- baby will not be turned over to just anybody. You will need to prove he actually belongs to you.

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  1. kcolarusso

    There was a post on the Spring Trails forum a while back about a sick/missing yorkie. Here are the details. I am not clear on where exactly the dog is for someone to call to check but here is the info from the post:

    Missing female Yorkie. She has a medical condition and requires special care and medication. $1000 reward. Contact 281-630-7324. May have been spotted in spring trails an hour ago.

  2. judybeth36

    Harry Dog is my little Yorkie. He has cataracts on both eyes the left eye being the worst. I live on 3rd Terrace in the Hill and Dale section of Splendora. I have a red roof house with a red board fence and a red mailbox. He was let our Wed. May 1, 2013 morning to go do his business, after 30 min of him not comming back in for his breakfast I started looking for him, to no avail. He was my parents dog and is 21 years old. I know he was ragged but he is dearly loved. He is called Harry because he is a Houdini in finding places in the fence where he can get out, despite him being blind. He is very proctective of HIS food and has an argument every morning with the trash can beside where his food is put.All of his family misses him very much. He likes to set beside you in a chair, he will back himself in to lay beside you. you have no idea how happy I am that he has been found, I thought maybe a Hawk had got him. I have 2 funerals to work today and will not be off until about 5 or 6. PLEASE contact me at 281-593-5287 (cell number)or [email protected],or [email protected]. I lost my husband 8 years ago, my mom 4 months later and my dad in 2010, this little dog is all I have to hold onto for my parents. I also have another Yorkie “Sir Charles D Barkey” but he is not a toy like Harry Dog. My street address is 26351 3rd Terrace, I do have pictures somewhere of Harry but I will have to dig for them. He is seen by Dr. Bob Ealy in Cleveland and goes to the Pink Poodle in Cleveland. His collar irritates his skin ad he claws at it, he also has a new sweater at home, cause he get cold very easy. GOD BLESS YOU. Sincerely, Judy Davis

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