Just after midnight last Thursday, Montgomery County Precinct 4 Deputies stopped a blue pickup truck on FM 1485 near Linda Lane. After running James Michael Lillie, 24,of Cleveland it was found he had open warrants for probation violations in both San Jacinto and Liberty Counties. Lillie was cuffed, but as one of the deputies started to place the hand cuffed prisoner in the patrol car, he broke into a run and fled.

Montgomery County Precinct 4 Blood Hound “Oliver” tracked the suspect into the woods and back to FM 1485. That’s when one of the deputies spotted the suspect next to a barn along FM 1485. He was taken into custody.

In addition to his probation violations, he now faces felony escape charges.


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  1. crabbie15

    Wow wow I was trying to figure out what I was going to say about this story, but after reading 919599 post said it all.

  2. 919599

    It’s a little disappointing that race has to be brought into this situation aimed toward white people! Shame on you! It wouldn’t matter if he was plaid & polka dot the man had an open warrant for probation violation in not one but two counties! The fact that he was on probation in 2 counties speaks volumes! The fact that he ran from police also speaks volumes by leaps & bounds! Innocent people don’t run! The photo’s clearly show his pants down around his buttocks! When other people are apprehended you don’t see their pants down like that after being on the ground! It’s really disheartening to see black people defend other black people even when their wrong! Then degrade white people for their comments! Just because you know someone doesn’t mean you know them! How can you defend him? How can you blame white people? Your the racist! I would feel the same way if he was white! A thug is a thug is thug no matter what color! You need to grow up!

  3. LocalDrifter

    This story is an eye opener for Daniele because she’s located them missing panties. My hunch is that missing bra is somewhere in the vicinity, too. (I find it touching and quaint when sweethearts can wear each other’s clothing and ear rings)

  4. LocalDrifter

    Right-A-Roni. I don’t see a thug here at all. If I squint just right he looks like one of the acolytes that lights the altar candles at the beginning of services every Sunday.

    Strange, though, the candlestick is always missing from the side he’s assigned to light. Mere coincidence, I’m sure.

  5. firefyter

    Daniele, he’s a thug alright. You don’t break and run from cops if you are innocent. You need new friends, I bet your dad is real proud of you. How exactly have you seen him wear his pants?

  6. DanieleFaustine

    James is far from a thug! And I have beer seen him wear his pants around his (profanity) EVER maybe they are like that from when they had him on the ground (profanity)! He is not on probation for being a gang banger, drugs,sexual assault or anything like that so unless you know his circumstances shut your mouth. I guess since we can just make assumptions about people we don’t know I guess it’s safe to assume all the ignorant comments are coming from (racist term directed at white people)!

    Editor’s note: Public data shows the suspect was charged with second-degree felony Burglary of a Habitation, but apparently reached a plea agreement for the lesser charge of Criminal Trespass (class A misdemeanor). MCPR was unable to locate an official list of crimes related to thuggery.

  7. LocalDrifter

    If there isn’t a state statute stipulating wearing a condom on your head is prohibitive (and offensive) there soon will be. Time to call in my Dan Patrick marker for redemption.

  8. LazyCop

    The pants in the second image tell the story…..sagging and loose, just like the wearer. What in the heck are these guys thinking….guess he knows that officers and deputies that defend themselves around here with their firearms may get a manslaughter charge filed on them if they shoot them. These dangerous thugs apparently just don’t care what happens to them….kind of like a rabid dog.

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