February 2, 2023 12:11 pm

Posted: 31.12.2012 19:33

11 escape conroe house fire-update

Nearly a dozen people managed to escape a mobile home that caught fire early New Year’s Eve morning.

It happened just after 3 a.m. on Gladiola Avenue in Conroe.

Marisa Bolanos said her mother woke up first and scrambled to get everyone out.

"I called 911," recalled Bolanos. "When I heard something pop, I just looked at the phone and it had no line. So, I just threw the phone and started screaming help."

There were five adults, a teenager and five children under the age of five staying at the home through the holidays.

Olivia Franco heard those cries for help. She lives across the street and noticed flames shooting into the sky.

"She said the fire was too high and already reaching the ceiling,” said Franco’s granddaughter Jasmine Gutierrez who translated our interview.

All of the adults and children made it out safely.

Franco had escaped a fire once, and knew that warm clothes and shoes would be what everyone needed first.

"They were sleeping and they didn’t have shoes on and it was cold outside," said Gutierrez.

Two trucks parked behind the house burned along with all of the gifts opened last week.

"I have a little niece and she’s asking for all her presents for Christmas," said Bolanos.

In addition as fire fighters arrived on the scene a power line danced on the cyclone fence between the burning structure and the neighbors home. Entergy was notified and responded cutting the power to the home.

Conroe fire officials believe the blaze was accidental and started in a back bedroom.

As crews finished mopping up after the fire one resident decided he wasn’t going to wait. Driving over the large 5-inch fire hose to exit the street was met with an instant response by one of the Conroe Fire Marshal’s.

It is illegal in the State of Texas to drive over a fire hose.