1120 pm – Hurricane Nicholas

Nicholas strengthened abruptly around 10 pm and has produced winds of 68 mph with gusts over 90 mph near the town of Matagorda. 
The system is hugging the coastal areas and should move inland overnight and weaken.
Main threats:
Very heavy rainfall over the coastal counties.
Winds 40-65 mph mainly over the coastal counties. Gusts 25-45 mph over the inland areas generally along and south of the I-69 corridor can be expected. 
Winds in Matagorda bay have swung around the northwest and north. 
Storm surge along the coast 3-5 feet. Low lying surge flood-prone roads are already having impacts and should continue to worsen as high tide and strengthening winds arrive. 
Seas 8-18 feet with winds in the bays and offshore waters 35-65 knots. Stronger gusts in bands east of the center.