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Posted: 31.3.2012 21:25

2-year-old missing child recovered from lake

Friday night was all quiet on the search site in Liberty County, a Ranger and DPS trooper remained on duty to secure the search site. The others were told to go home and be ready for one big push first thing Saturday morning.

Bright and early searchers began to arrive. Areas that had been searched were gone over again. The water in the river had actually dropped several feet showing more tree roots and river bed but still nothing. Eqqusearch flew a drone of theirs over the area. Evans said after looking at the video fed back from it some areas would need to be looked at and a DPS helicopter , one was a red spot in the water, once again had been ordered up by Texas Ranger Lt. Kevin Pullen.

Late morning,Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Captain Rex Evans called for a 1 p.m. press conference. In that press conference he expressed grief that they were going to stop the search but continue any criminal investigation. He stated the DPS helicopter would make one more sweep and by 3 p.m. things would start coming down. Verizon Wireless had set a portable tower at the site to assist in cell communications. DPS sent a command trailer in from Austin.

Evans left the press conference with a heavy heart. He could be seen on a bridge over the river which had been looked at several times and even an area the dogs lost a scent. Hat under arm, head bowed looking at the water. His next stop was to tell April Davis the search was ending.

At this same time is when the DPS helicopter arrived over the area and started to fly the lake. A kayak also entered the water to look in the area the drone had picked up the images. As the helicopter circled the green algae covered lake Rangers looked on. The pilot maneuvered the helicopter into position just above the surface of the water and using a sweeping motion with the rotor wash cleared most of the green algae . This revealed not only clear water but the body of little Devin Davis. A Ranger motioned to the helicopter that he had seen ir also and the area was sealed off.

The lake approximately three hundred yards from the house he vanished from last Tuesday. It had been searched but the weeds, algae and the child wearing a diaper weighing him down in the water.

The body was recovered as Captain Evans delivered t he news to April Davis. April’s Davis was so distraught that he was transported to Cleveland Hospital by EMS.

Tim Miller commented on the story released about the mother failing the part of the polygraph. “We had her pegged wrong,” Miller said. 

A memorial fund will be set up Monday to assist the family with a funeral for little Devin.