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$2,500,000.00 in marijuana seized in porter

Law Enforcement officers here in Montgomery County tonight are just finishing up some hard work. That work was not just unloading an 18-wheeler of limes, avocados and mangos but also the 2,340 of packaged marijuana and then having to reload it.

Just before 5 p.m. officers can up on a disabled 18-wheeler on 59 near Northpark. As officers talked to the driver things did not appear to be in order. A search or the truck revealed the load of products but it was something about halfway back in the trailer that spiked their attention. What they saw were pallets with black packages, and some on pallets with produce.

The vehicle was towed to a secure facility and a forklift and pallet jacks were obtained to unload the truck to get back to the packages. Once they were able to get to it they determined the packages which averaged almost twenty-five pounds each and wrapped in the electrical tape was actually marijuana.

Constable Rowdy Hayden supervised the offloading and District Attorney Brett Ligon and Phil Grant worked on charges for the driver and seizure orders.

The street value here is approximately $500 a pound but up in the Northeastern United States is almost three times that.

The driver, who has not yet been identified is being questioned at this hour and will be booked into the Montgomery County Jail.




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