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3 dead druNk driver injured in i-45 head-on crash

Just two days ago two people died when a drunk driver entered I-45 at Research going north in the south bound lanes. That crash happened close to 3 am.

Sunday morning just after 1:30 am a Montgomery County Dispatcher with a  sense of urgency in her voice reported a vehicle traveling north in the southbound lanes of I –45 approaching Research. Shenandoah Officers jumped the median and stopped all traffic on I-45 southbound with the intention of taking the vehicle as it got to them. But within seconds a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy called for an ambulance and fire equipment at I-45 just north of Woodlands Parkway. He reported a Chevrolet Impala struck a Pontiac G6 head on.

South Montgomery County Fire Department quickly arrived on the scene and cut the driver of the Chevrolet out. MCHD rushed him to Hermann Hospital Woodlands in critical condition. Later Hermann transferred the driver identified as Edward Blackwell, 43, of Montgomery. It was also determined he did have an elevated alcohol level in his blood.

The others were not able to be saved.

Dominique Hobbs, 27, of Grand Prarie was the passenger in the Pontiac G6. He was pronounced dead on the scene by Justice of the Peace Matt Masden.

The female driver in the Pontiac was also pronounced dead on the scene but has not been identified yet.

The make passenger in the Chevrolet has not yet been identified as of yet and was pronounced dead on the scene. All three were transported by Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for Autopsy.

According to witnesses the Chevrolet Impala was southbound on the I-45 feeder. When the driver approached the entrance ramp just before Woodlands Parkway he entered the freeway, stopped and made a u-turn on the main lanes of the freeway and drove north in the southbound lanes.

I-45 remained closed until almost 7 am as the crash was investigated by DPS and The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.

We will update the identities as DPS makes notification of the families.

If the intoxicated driver survives he will face three counts of intoxicated manslaughter.

If there were any other witnesses who saw Blackwell drinking you are asked to contact the Montgomery County District Attorneys Office Vehicular Crime Division.





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  1. #1. The legal limit is .08 and has been for some time. So why one of you thinks it’s actually gone up to double that amount almost is beyond me.

    #2. I’m definitely NOT for installing a breathalyzer in my vehicle. That’s a very costly piece of equipment. And I don’t need my rights infringed upon due to someone else’s negligence.

    #3. So spikes now on the entrance or off ramps for drivers going the wrong way. So you’d like to cause another accident? Because if you’ve now immobilized a vehicle on a entrance ramp or off ramp.. What are the vehicles trying to enter or exit supposed to do?

    Do some of y’all even think before speaking?

    #4. The BIG difference between a DWI fatality and someone who was murdered or molested is INTENT. So thankfully our legislators can understand that conceit since many of you do not. As sad as these deaths are. Neither of these folks set out with the intent to kill anyone. That separatists them from the murderers and child molesters you’re equating them with.

    However. Intent or not. People are still dead. Doesn’t lessen the pain or anger. Doesn’t make one less responsible for drinking and driving that night. But I do agree and have said it many times. Luck is the distinguishing factor between what happened with these two and the majority of others folks who made it home but woke up in their driveway not having any idea HOW they got their. But by the grace of god.

  2. thank you wow39 and cpsyc for your words. I understand the family is in pain and we have lifted them up in prayer. Nothing can change what has happened and for that I am sorry. They have no idea what our family is dealing with either. God is the only one that can offer peace. I too have held mine and Ed’s parents along with his children as their world has been forever changed as well. Unfortunately, they are suffering from the cruelty of others, yet they have asked for prayers for the other familes involved. Thank you for the kind words about my brother. Yes, he was a good man that made a very bad mistake. Especially thankyou for the prayers.

  3. So saddened for all involved…taking that drink and driving is so not worth it! Have a designated driver, use a taxi service, or just plan to drink and party at your home or a friends, and don’t leave until the next day! The State of Texas really does need to stiffen up the penalties and our Judges need to get tougher when sentencing those caught DWI!!

  4. I personally knew Ed & I can say not.only am I dumbfounded, but devastated. He came to my family’s aid and was there for us in a time of tragedy for days at a time. Ed was an incredible source of support for us that I will never forget nor fail to love. He served his country admirably admirablyas a Marine prior to his service in the Guard now. I do not know what the circumstances were but I can say
    that no matter what his mistakes….which were grievious, he was not a bad man. He made a horrible mistake that cost people their lives. I will always remember him for what he did for me & my family. Prayers for all involved.

  5. And my appologizes leelee for the previous comments. We all have the same God and I hope that these rude people can find a place in thier hearts to have some sympathy for ALL involved. God Bless!

  6. I am amazed how some of you call yourselves adults. What if it was one of your family members that was involved in this accident? Would you want someone name calling and saying that they need to die also? Have some compassion here and respect for everyone involved. It’s not your right to place judgement!

  7. @Lele I am Dominiques sister…i had to hug and comfort my mom as we planned my brother’s funeral. I had to call all the family members and let them know your brother murdered my brother…i was there when my mom received the disturbing call at 4 in the morning saying my brother died. Ed took my brother away from his son,dad,mom,sisters,brothers and friends as well. My brother was a very loving,caring intelligent young man. You still have your brother mines is buried six feet underground. Our family will never be the same due to Eds actions. So your brother is far from a victm he is a COLD HEARTED MURDERER. AND WE WILL FIGHT TIL JUSTICE IS SERVED FOR DOMINIQUE HOBBS AND ANIS ATKINS.

  8. mwoods please let me be clear, I did not and DO NOT ask for your sympathy for Ed. I ask for compassion for his children and his parents as well. I pray that your Lord is the same as My Lord and mine is a merciful God. Ed is and will pay his price for his actions. Again, I am terribly sorry for the loss of your stepchild and I pray God will give you the strength to endure. I also pray for peace in your heart in the days ahead which no doubt will be painful.
    There are also 2 innocent boys suffering from their fathers action. They do not deserve the cruel, hurtful and mean things that people feel the need to say, but so be it.
    I certainly hope all that have posted such hateful comments NEVER suffer a loss, make any mistake or heaven forbid, be less than perfect.

  9. I’am sorry to say it happens more than anyone would guess. I ‘am the grand-father of Megan Madeline Thomas and she just turned 5 years of age when she was murdered by a drunk driver. Why do I say murdered? Drunk driving is murder below is Megan’s story and pictures of her in a slide show I made up and placed on you tube. The story that you are reading was wrote by a friend in Arizona and her name id Julianne Evans. My wife still hears Megan’s last words to her “Grammy I can Not Breathe.” The story is below.. Leave your comments for Julianne.

  10. I honestly have to say that this is a tragedy for all involved. I do ask myself over and over again “who let these people drive drunk” Who let the girl last week leave a bar and get in her truck and also kill innocent people? Why do the bars get to serve people until they can barely walk let alone drive. Then the end result is that innocent people lose their lives. People lashing out in anger does not solve a thing. It is what can be done to prevent anyone from having to go through this in the future that is important. No I am not discounting the loss of anyone. Not at all. Nobody should have to better their children, mothers or fathers because of a drunk driver. Two major accidents that results in deaths of innocent people in two days is two much. One is two much. The bars have gotten away with this for years and all they care about is making money selling to anyone who will buy it. If they fall out the door they could care less. They made their money. They are the biggest offenders here. It’s about time that was put to a stop!

  11. From a Christian point of view, may I suggest that there is no such thing as mercy unless there is a standard of justice first.

    It is my dear hope that all those who were killed and had their lives WRONGLY cut short be now in the eternal arms of the Lord, enjoying everlasting bliss. The agents (Baukus and Blackkwell) who committed the violent acts that caused these deaths may find a path of forgiveness for their acts, but not if people do the WRONGFUL act of offsetting their blame. Guilt in denial leads to further depravity and destruction. Guilt acknowledged will lead to rightful consequences first (prison is a reasonable consequence if they are convicted of intoxicated manslaughter), but guilt acknowledged will also lead to redemption eventually.

    I also quote Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis (Juvenal),“No one ever suddenly became depraved”. BOTH of these individuals (Baukus and Blackwell) were obviously in pattens of making the kind of bad choices that finally lead to potentially killing people. And indeed they killed five people between them. If they had previously been held accountable to lead more morally prudent lives prior to their lethal acts, there would likely be five people still walking around today pursuing their pursuits, achieving their dreams, caring for their families, and enjoying their lives.

    Let us not diminish the guilt of the guilty. But by the same token, let the guilty find redemption and forgiveness by acknowledging their sin and pursuing repentance. And may all people be merciful and generous in their hearts to those who are truly penitent, remembering that it is by the grace of God that any of us may be saved.

  12. I personally know the Baukus family. They are a wonderful people along with their daughter. It is unfortunate that this tradgy happened. However she is not the person that some of you have made her out to be. My prayers go out to all the families involved.

  13. I have an idea how to stop anyone from entering a freeway the wrong way…why can’t Texas start putting spikes on all the off ramps so that if you try to enter the wrong way you will get 4 flat tires. Simple, shouldn’t cost alot but would save many lives and catch many drunks.

  14. Obviously the bar tenders aren’t stopping their service to people who are already drunk. I’m assuming they don’t want a scene, or to lose business. But people who insist on drinking need to be held accountable. Now two of them will be. I’m not sure if I would qualify for jury service on either of these two tragic accidents because the defense wouldn’t want me around.

  15. @Leelee and all the friends of Ed. I am Dominique Hobbs step- mother and I’m sorry I can’t truly feel your pain right now because we are dealing with our own. Our son’s life was taken by Ed’s careless ans selfish act. We have to bury our 27 yr old son. This should not be happening. I grieve for the other families as well. He has a 7 year old son who lost his father. We are a family of faith and we know that God is in control and we trust him. But for you and others to get on here and act as if Ed is a victim is a slap in the face. Ed killed our son and we have to deal with this the rest of our lives. Whoever was with him that night or where ever he was drinking as equally as responsible. They should not have let him drive. Dominique and Anis are the only victims because the person in the car with Ed had to be pretty drunk too not realize they were headed the wrong. Ed took 2 beautiful ppl from us and it not fair. He made a conscious effort to drink and drive. Dominique mother had just saw him at 10p and he told her he was headed to Houston and would be back by the 4th within 4 hours he was dead. May God have mercy on Ed’s soul because he is going to need it.

  16. Norty and DIED: No argument from me…. All I was saying is we all know someone if not our selves who could have done this. Let’s not call them murders and monsters, luck is all that separates most of us from them. I do not expect sympathy for ED, but his family and friends deserve it as much as anyone else involved here. I Maintain that there is a huge difference between child rapist and drunk drivers who kill others, or the type of murderers who kill their wives and children so no one else can have them, or kill someone during a robbery or drug deal out of greed. A basically good person can commit the one but not the other crimes.

  17. How in hell can these MURDERERS be considered “good people”?
    Are you saying this because this is THE FIRST TIME they drove DRUNK? Yeah,I’ll believe that!
    Are you saying this because this is the FIRST time they got Caught? Now,that’s more like it!
    Are you saying this because they didn’t MURDER ANYONE before? This is believable.
    Just remember… You NEVER commit a Crime until you are caught.Is this the thought process people possess?
    Maybe if the families of the MURDERS read these posts they will realize the MURDERS are/were NOT the people they thought they are/were.
    I’ll bet most of the posters have NEVER been directly involved in a situation like this/these.
    But when it involves YOUR Family,friend or Family of a friend,All the experts show up.
    And they PRAISE the MURDERER and his/her past.Wonderful,sweet,hard worker and the list goes on!
    BOTTOM LINE,they ARE NOT what you think they are. OPEN up your eyes and see the REAL truth. Dig a little bit. Things sure do APPEAR different when you wear BLINDERS.
    I’m sure this will began arguements,just like 95% of my other posts,but I’m not going away unless Scott OR Jaime request me to!
    And just in case there are ANY thoughts I have NO RESPECT for the MURDERS,that WOULD be CORRECT!
    As for the MURDERER’s Famlies or “friends”,yes I have some compassion for them. UNTIL I discover that they were ENABLING this behavior. Then,POOF,it’s GONE!!

  18. It should be mandatory for all vehicles to have a breathalyer-WTF?? Maybe you don’t mind your rights being violated but I refuse to have it assumed that I am going to commit a crime because someone else did, and have to pay 75-100 a month for a breathalyzer BEFORE I ever drink and drive-are you stupid?? Sorry, but think about your statement there…we’ve lost enough of our freedoms in this country, and have organizations like MADD wanting just such a right-infringing move to be made…I feel sorry for the innocents and the drivers families, but I had nothing to do with this and refuse to be judged and convicted of something because others make bad choices!! It’s thoughts like this that are excusing and accepting the daily infringement of our rights…

  19. ok this is really starting to bug me. it is not the ALCOHOL it is the person responsible for drinking it.

    just like guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

    alcohol was not forced down this person’s throat. alcohol was not given without this person’s knowledge. this person had a CHOICE to be behind the wheel. it is not the bar’s fault. not the beer distributor, not the liquor store, not the friend’s house that had alcohol, no one else’s responsibility other than the person sitting behind the wheel.

    it is a misjudgement by that person’s irresponsibility.

    someone said, just outlaw alcohol all together. stupid. let’s just outlaw texting while driving, putting on make up while driving, sleeping while driving, shaving while driving, reading while driving, taking your eyes off the road for a second to scold your children. this is getting ridiculous. be responsible for your actions no matter the “reason”. Not everyone that drinks is getting behind the wheel.

    I say this BECAUSE I am the “designated” driver everywhere we go BECAUSE i am responsible and I know I am going to be responsible for everyone in the car to make sure they get home safe.

    I do not drink and drive, not even 1 drink no matter how tempting. Take a taxi. Call someone to come get you. But dont’ blame the alcohol. it is the PERSON that needs to be blamed here.

  20. I have a theory…

    It is too improbable that the same kind of I-45-head-on-car-crash-in-the-Woodlands scenario could happen in the span of three days without there being more in common than intoxicated drivers. Of all the spans of highway that I know, the span of I-45 between Rayford and 1488 is pretty darn foolproof, too. Calling for more “Wrong Way” signs is obviously not the problem.

    I am sure I am not the first to come up with this theory, but I have my money on the notion that Edward Blackwell knew Nicole Baukus, the lady responsible for the first head-on collision Friday morning. My guess is that he knew her in the Biblical sense.

    Before she took down her Facebook page, Nicole’s status showed that she was “in a relationship,” but did not say with whom. My guess is that she did not want to disclose that information for reasons that it was illicit. I think it possible that she and Mr. Blackwell were in a romantic way with each other. Since people in passion-driven relationships sauced in alcohol tend to do stupid people tricks to show their dedication for one another, I theorize that after learning of Nicole’s accident and her expected fate of living a life in prison for intoxicated manslaughter, Mr. Blackwell decided he would follow her.

  21. It should mandatory for all vehicles to have breathalyzer in them. Alcohol kills so many innocent people everyday, but yet it’s still legal. There are too many irrisponsible people in this world to have these freedoms..

  22. @TXCID, your right there is no excuse and your also right, that we all know someone who has driven drunk. BUT, i do not care what kind of man, father, whatever he was, he took other parents kids away, and if he was such a good father wth was he doing driving drunk that late at night?????? i feel zero pity or sorrow for this man or anyone who drinks and drives. They are as bad as murderers and child rapists to me.

  23. This is just such a tragedy! Incomprehensible!
    While I agree this is horrible for the family of the drunk driver and his passenger, the fact is they chose to go out drinking and CHOSE to drive in that condition. Everyone drinking has the right to choose to order the next drink and the ability to say “no more!” This tragedy is even greater knowing the driver is the ex-husband of the passenger in his car that was killed. But more tragic than losses of the families of these two men who CHOSE to drink and drive is the deaths of the 2 young people they killed in the other car!!!!! This young man and woman were not drinking they were simply coming to Houston from Dallas to see friends and to celebrate her 26th birthday when they were killed! They did not chose to die and their families and friends will never see them again because of the voices made by two drunken fools. Their lost lives are the real tragedies in all this. They were given no choices except death whereas the other two men CHOSE to drink and drive and Kill!

  24. britkiddan says:

    July 1, 2012 at 5:48 PM

    The driver is the one to blame not the alcohol. If alcohol made everyone drive like complete retards then it would have been outlawed long ago. 0.15 is the legal limit

    Dude, the legal Limit in Texas is .08, where do you live? And how would you know what you feel like at .15 or at any degree unless you are an intoxilyzer operator, or have been arrested and tested at some point. Your Comment about it not being the alcohol is kind of a strange thing to say …. of course it is the alcohol… it effects everyone differently… but it does impair everyone.

  25. This is a tradegy for everyone involved and we may never know all of the circumstances that initiated it. The report states that the driver’s blood alcohol was elevated, but even one drink can elevate the blood level. For those that stated “kill him” and the such are accepting the role of judge, jury and executioner. I suppose you would say the same for someone texting, speeding, running a stop sign…etc…those drivers should be put to death also…if a fatality is involved. Drinking and driving is a definite problem and there are no easy solutions. One drink can impair someone that is on medication…so drinking establishments can’t be held accountable for a situation like that. Do we want to abolish drinking at all public venues. Society and media show us how fun drinking can be. Something has to change, but making comments like “Murderer” and “kill em” is only a reaction not a solution.

  26. My heart breaks for the lives lost in this catastrophe. My brother, Ed, was the driver. No words can express the sympathy for the lost lives. Ed has always been a good guy and served this country proudly numerous times. His children, parents and family are in shock and grieve for the other families as well. PLEASE, his children may read these comments and I ask that you have some compassion for them. I understand the outrage and have felt the same myself. One mistake can and has changed numerous lives forever. May God have mercy on all the families

    • We’re deeply sorry for your family as well. Just like the other victims and their loved ones, you had no control over what happened.

      I strongly recommend your family try to keep his children away from our Facebook page. Reading the comments gives no more insight into what happened and will only be more upsetting for them.

  27. The driver is the one to blame not the alcohol. If alcohol made everyone drive like complete retards then it would have been outlawed long ago. 0.15 is the legal limit most people do not even know what that limit feels like so they cannot gauge if they are safe to drive.

  28. TXCID, I disagree with your premise that the people who kill while drunk driving are “good people.” That’s irrelevant! I could be the nicest person in the world, but if I’m incapable of properly operating a car, or incapable of making good decisions of WHEN to drive, I’m a killer. It’s just a matter of time.

    We need teeth in the enforcement of DUI laws, and I’m not blaming the officers who pull drunks over–they do their jobs. Tell me why judges slap a drunk on the wrist and give him or her the keys to do it again? Tell me why our legislators haven’t made it a felony for a first offense? Perhaps when a judge or legislator is personally affected, something will change, but I’m not holding my breath.

    It’s disgusting, nothing short of disgusting. And judges and legislators share responsibility, right along with the killer drivers themselves.

    Manic Mechanic–I’ve driven this road many times. I can’t think of a single reason for a driver to get “confused” enough to make a U-turn. There isn’t even a construction zone–it’s as plain as can be. Unless, of course, the booze or drugs make it “hard to navigate.” And if you’re having that much trouble stone sober…stay home.

  29. The problem with DWI is that a lot of the offenders are good people, and many times young and inexperienced drinkers. I have heard from family members who know her, that the girl responsible for the deaths the other day and currently incarcerated in the Montgomery County Jail was a sweet hard working girl. I personally know Ed, the man responsible for this terrible tragedy and he is an awesome father, a great Patriot and Soldier and a War Veteran. None of these things excuse the acts each committed. But demonizing them doesn’t help either. The problem is we all know and love someone who has gotten behind the wheel after drinking too much. The bad thing about alcohol is that the first thing to go is judgment, and the more we drink, the more judgment we lose. Many times the person who got behind the wheel is not the same person who took the first drink. They are an Idiot, slobbering, completely impaired, wreck who can’t even say the ABC’s. That is the person who makes the decision to drive, not the lovable, articulate, baseball coach father who took the first drink. That’s why the people who throw parties, or serve liquor in their business establishments need to be somewhat liable for the terrible things that happen when these intoxicated people leave and get in the vehicles to drive. In the military young men are often charged with rape for having sex with women who are impaired by alcohol because the women could not have given “informed consent “while drunk. So the Military claims the women are not responsible for the act of deciding to have sex while drunk but yet we hold them responsible for deciding to drive while drunk. You can’t have it both ways. This issue is so complex and effects so many of us that it is not as simple as demonizing the drivers or blaming the Judges, DA’s or police. I am truly sorry for those that lost their lives this weekend, and for those family members left behind. This is a real tragedy for all involved. I assure you Ed, is no monster and his friends and young children are just as hurt by this as the ones left behind by the innocent victims killed by him.

  30. just out of curiosty did ANY of these drivers have any prior convictions ? I honestly had no idea 1st DWI was not a felony, and I am quite shocked. Is this is place to protect the elected officials that get into trouble ? a tattoo on their forehead that says DRUNK or MURDERER might keep establishments from serving them. Just a thought

  31. Why is it murder if someone opens fire with a fire arm into a crowd of strangers and kills someone, but its not murder if someone gets behind the wheel drunk and does the same? It is a KNOWN fact that drunk driving kills. We will never stop drinking and driving, just like we will never stop completely illegal drugs, but if the first time penalties are made so strict and tough that they cause a portion of the offenders to think twice about it, it will help. First time DWI should be a felony and mandatory license suspension. I am so tired of seeing all of these senseless deaths! and REALLY tired of seeing all of the 2, 3, 4+ repeat offenders that are still driving! what the hell. I know that the local authorities on up make money off of the offenders with the smart start installation and fees, probation fees and other fees associated with DWI. Its almost like DWI is supported! Something needs to be done now.

  32. If your vehicle can be seized because due to transporting drugs or drug monies, why can’t it be seized for DWI? Do you think our elected officials would EVER have the stones to do that?

    Yes, if there is a lien on a vehicle this complicates matters. But, just go to the U.K. or Germany and get stopped driving drunk. None of this nonsense that goes on here. You either blow into a PBT or get dragged to a police station and have a blood sample FORCIBLY taken. REFUSALS do not exist.

    But, most people around here are more worried about Obamacare…so this will never happen.

  33. Establishments that serve liquor – should have very limited parking . Establishments be co-responsible for ensuring that drinking patrons are driven home by taxi or person that has had zero to drink – end story. Too much money involved – on both sides, so this will never happen. So more deaths will happen due to ill responsible people . Heck anyone with lick common sense knows a person drinking will be impaired – talking about establishment that serve alcohol… I am for fewer laws and do not like anyone restricting personal freedoms. 40 years ago – I had plenty drinking parties – guess what – know one could leave party until next day. Driving is a privilege not a right. Yep, I will get a lot flack from this one.

  34. Let’s stop and think about this…DWI is a misdemeanor until you have two priors. Normally, those arrested for DWI get a slap on the wrist, regardless of what politicians say in their election ads/campaigns. NOBODY takes this seriously until somebody they know dies as a result.

    Until our WONDERFUL state government make DWI laws easier to enforce and more tough on those arrested, this will continue to be a problem.

    But hey, if you are a woman and want to get an abortion, you have to get a sonagram. That’s what our elected officials in Austin are more worried about!! Insane isn’t it??

  35. Nothing good comes from drinking alcohol, and nothing good goes on after dark. Two separate cases to prove that. its a shame that innocent people have to lose their lives in order for people to wake up. People, if your mind is so weak that you have to drink poison; do us a favor and dont drive.

  36. Stop serving alcohol at 11:00PM in bars and liquor stores. Double the police force and set up checkpoints outside of every bar in the area until people get the message. There is no reason for a person to go to any establishment and get ****faced only to walk out and drive away. There are many ways to stop this madness. But only one thing in the way stopping it…Money.

    There is no problem with the freeway system in the Woodlands. The problem lies directly and solely on the drunk drivers. I have not read one story where this has happened and the person was sober but got mixed up on which way the freeway lanes travel.

  37. Unbelievable! DUI should be a felony period. People who drink & drive have a problem period (addiction, stupidity, whatever).

    To those that advocate changing the infrastructure of the roads: I agree that the traffic situation is not without some issues, but they are not the problem. Impared people are. You cannot engineer a foolproof solution to exceptionally poor choices that people make. To force taxpayers to pay for a project that will have minimal impact on that is wrong.

    You will only change this when you change behavior. Sadly, this will only happen when the penalty is so severe that people stop. My prayers to those victims who lost their lives as well as their loved ones.

  38. @Manic Mechanic… You NEED to take a refresher course in driving.If you can’t get around the Woodlands,then you have a problem. Making a U~TURN on a FEEDER!!! Give me a break..
    All you’ve done is come up with ANOTHER excuse to try and BLAME somebody else for this/these MURDERER!!
    As far as a reply to this,Check out my replies @ the OTHER DRUNK MURDERER post and apply them here….
    Same song,DIFFERENT verse!!!
    Prayers & Thoughts to the Murdered & Their Families

  39. Yet another horrible tragic accident in the same 3 miles of highway. Seems like about once every week or two. Remember the Jeep roll over and the drunken boat hauler vs. ejected grand child in a Ford SUV? Those are just two most recent but this stretch of highway is deadly. Obviously driving intoxicated is the main factor but think about how hard it is to navigate the freeway feeder system of The Woodlands even when you’re in your right mind. Unless you have the layout memorized you can easily end up lost or having to back-track for miles. Each street has a different mess of ramps to choose from to get where you want to go. I realize it was designed this way for the purpose of keeping out those who don’t belong here, as in you can’t decide to stop for a break or to get gas based on what you see ahead because the exit you needed was a mile back. Unless you know where you’re going in The Woodlands you can’t get there from here. I’m in no way excusing those who drive intoxicated, but it seems people will always do this and they are attracted to this area due to the growing list of attractions and restaurants that serve alcohol. It would seem that this is combination of circumstances is becoming more deadly by the day. I don’t know what the answer is but we all should be extremely wary and drive as defensively as possible when in this area. Maybe some illuminated signage that comes on during peak intoxicated driving hours to warn others, especially those from out of town like these poor folks. My wife and I were at the movies there last night and came home (sober) on that same route at about 10:15 pm. It’s beginning to feel like I dodged a bullet every time I make it through there alive at night.

    I just wanted to vent, I have no agenda. I’m wondering if anybody else around here is thinking like I am. My prayers and deepest condolences to all the victims of these preventable and senseless automobile wrecks. Also to the first responders, I know you folks are doing your best to stop it and must have a hard time seeing the results of this first hand, God bless you all.

  40. This is beyond annoying that this continues to happen.

    I have been reluctant to say it in the past, but maybe firs offense DWI should be a felony? Certainly is you blow .15 or greater you are a serious threat to injure or kill members of the public. Im proposing first offense severe intoxication (over .15) = felony and minimum 1 year incarceration. Who’s wih me?

  41. WHAT in the hell is wrong with these people who think it’s okay to drink and drive??? So sorry for the family that have to suffer the loss of loved ones. Maybe Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department should get some extra patrol in this area to try and prevent this from happening a 3rd time!

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