December 5, 2022 6:08 am

Posted: 10.7.2015 19:49


The Waller County District Attorney and the Waller County Sheriff’s Office today executed a search warrant at a location in Waller County, Texas to search for any horses on the property or any evidence relating to allegations by neighbors of animal cruelty involving horses on the property. Yesterday afternoon, Judge Albert McCaig, of the 506th District Court reviewed allegations made by neighbors regarding the property and found probable cause to search the property for horses in need of veterinary care. The warrant was executed this morning beginning at 11AM.
Law enforcement was assisted by “True Blue Animal Rescue.” This group is comprised of volunteers who assist law enforcement with large scale rescues such as this one. The group is a charitable organization and relies on donations to assist law enforcement. Approximately 25 volunteers including two vets showed up and assisted in the capture and moving of the horses. Volunteers will be caring for the horses until a court determines their fate. The District Attorney, Elton Mathis, is thankful for the group’s assistance and believes that this is an example of “we could not have done this without you” situation because the group was invaluable for this entire operation.

The property has been cleared of 36 horses who are now in the care of volunteers. These animals conditions will be assessed to determine their health and well-being. Trained professional volunteers will do the assessment. A court will later determine the ultimate disposition of the animals. At this time, no charges have been filed on anybody. As a result, this office is not able to release the name of the individual involved or provide the property location other than Hockley in Waller County, Texas. Charges will be considered at a later time if necessary. A warrant for arrest has been signed for felony animal cruelty. The defense lawyers are cooperating with prosecutors to arrange for a surrender.
Any person with knowledge of this case should contact the District Attorney’s Office at 979.826.7718.
All persons are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.



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