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4-Year-Old & Family Face Tough Battle


The family of a local 4-year-old girl has found themselves in a living nightmare, since what first seemed like a simple childhood illness turned out to be cancer.
Kali had the life of a typical, happy, and seemingly healthy preschool age little girl. Then, on June 22, she had a fever and back pain, and over the counter medications were not helping. She was taken to the emergency room with a high fever and stomach pain. On June 23 doctor, at St. Luke’s Hospital in The Woodlands, examined her and ordered a CAT scan that revealed a mass on her kidney.  Kali was then transported by ambulance to Texas Children’s Hospital in the Texas Medical Center in Houston.
At TCH, another doctor ordered a CAT scan. That test revealed a large tumor that appeared to consume her kidney, and was spreading up a vein all the way to her heart. They said the tumor, known as a “WILM’s tumor” was too large to remove.
She also had fluid on her lungs. By that night, doctors had removed some of the fluid from Kali’s lungs and inserted a port to begin aggressive chemotherapy the next morning, in an effort to shrink the tumor enough to remove it without risking her life. The doctors said if that process is successful, Kali will have an excellent chance of making a full recovery.

Kali’s chemo has begun, and may continue for a full year.  So far, she has had both progress and setbacks, leaving the family physically and emotionally drained, despite a tremendous outpouring of support from their friends. The sudden unexpected health crisis has also left the family financially drained. Kali comes from a family of first responders and law enforcement, who are not strangers to emergencies or desperate situations, but they are usually the ones helping others. This time, they need help. Family and friends have created or planned several ways to help with the enormous expenses associated with Kali’s treatment and her parents staying by her side.

Kali is now on a ventilator and will be this way for a few weeks to give her little body a chance to rest.

Her parents are Caitlin and Cody Harmon, Dad – Justin Wiggins, Grandparents- James and Elizabeth (Lizann) Dean, Former Constable Tim Holifield and his wife, Amy, and Chris and Margie Wiggins.

You can keep up with Kali’s progress on a special Facebook page set up just for her:

If you’d like to help, there are several links to options below.

You can also deposit donations into a special account set up for Kali at
Woodforest National Bank
Account Name: Kalie Wiggins     Account Number: 1509806483


Kali Strong Benefit T-Shirts


Kali Strong Cold Water Challenge


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