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Four firemen have been taken to the hospital for treatment for heat exhaustion and one with an injured ankle. All are minor injuries. No fatalities or serious injuries have been reported.

Containment of fires in Montgomery County is progressing but there remain areas that fires are still being battled. Hot spots throughout the fire areas will be monitored and attacked by fire resources as needed.

The fire covers approximately 1600 acres and is being fought to be brought under control by emergency services from Montgomery County, Harris County, and State resources have been requested.

There are more than 50 fire apparatuses being used in the Magnolia, Montgomery County fire battle.

The fire has been traveling in a southwesterly direction and has threatened areas in Montgomery, Grimes and Waller Counties. Evacuations were ordered for a number of residences both using the Code Red Alert System and door to door notifications. The leading edge of the fire is located in the area of Greenbriar Drive (Key Map 210 Y). Emergency officials caution everyone to stay out of the areas.

The latest information from the Fire Departments is that the head of the fire south of FM 1488 in Montgomery and Waller Counties is contained. Other areas of the fire are still being battled to insure containment.

The Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management would like to clarify the number of homes evacuated due to the fires in the Magnolia area. News reports are stating 8,000 residences have been evacuated. Actually there were 8,175 phone calls initiated through the Code Red Emergency Notification System. Of those 8, 175 calls some may have been multiple calls to the same residence. Those homes that have registered multiple cells phones for their residence may have received those calls plus calls to any fixed line telephones at their residence. We have no estimate of the actual number of residences these calls may have impacted.

Subdivisions currently under evacuation are River Park Ranch, Wisteria Farms, Ranch Crest, Magnolia West, Deer Haven, Woodland Lakes, Week End Retreats, Shady Brook Acres, Ranch Crest, River Park Ranch and Clear Creek Forest lots 10-12

Residents of the Crown Ranch subdivision are being allowed to return to their homes.

At this time the following roads are closed: FM 1488 at FM 1774 west of the Waller County line, FM 1774 west of FM 1486 in to Grimes County.

We have one confirmed home that was destroyed by fire in Montgomery County. News Media should contact the appropriate officials in Grimes and Waller County for their fire information.

Two Shelters were opened yesterday. The shelter at the Magnolia Community Center has been closed. There were 50 people staying in the shelter at Magnolia High School last night. The shelter at Magnolia High School is being supported by the Red Cross and school officials.

The Magnolia School District announced yesterday that the entire school district will be closed today Tuesday September 6th. MISD will post future information on their website at

The Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management is posting updates on the OEM website at and on the Twitter website at .

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