5am update on missing child

An all night search has turned up no new clues on the disappearance of 2-year-old Devon. The child when missing during his nap on Tuesday afternoon. The childs mother contacted 911 and a search was started within thirty-minutes.

Crews from Montgomery County Search and Rescue, Highway 321 Fire Department, Tarkington Fire Department, Cypress Lakes Fire Department worked a ground search. Needham Road Fire Department brought in and 8-wheel vehicle capable of driving on land or working in water as a boat. DPS flew their helicopter for several hours. In addition Montgomery County Precinct 4 dispatched Lt. Seals and Sgt. Warwick to the scene with their Bloodhound, “Oliver”. Another canine unit fro College Station responded with tracking dogs and cadaver dogs.

By 3 a.m. this morning with the dogs exhausted from searching the area over several time and losing the scent each time. They were finally released to get some sleep.

All professional rescue personnel were used instead of non-trained personnel due to the conditions in the area. The home sits in the horseshoe of a tributary of the Trinity River. Very steep banks, deep water, snakes and even alligators were plentiful. In addition with Cypress trees the root system made wading the water very dangerous with the current.

At daybreak Houston Police Department will be dispatching a fresh Bloodhound and a helicopter to continue the search.

The family has only lived in the area one week after moving from Virginia. The mother was home at the time the child vanished.




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