Just before 5:30 pm Woodlands Fire Department was dispatched to a house fire on Palmer Crest in The Woodlands. As firefighters pulled out of the stations they were reporting heavy smoke in the sky. The first unit went on the scene with heavy smoke. By the time they got around the back of the home, they were met with heavy fire. Within seconds parts of the roof started to collapse causing it to go to defensive fire and fought from the outside of the home that is over 7400 square feet. A second alarm was pulled for manpower due to the heat of the day and a large amount of fire. Two what is reported to be contractors were transported to Houston Medical Center by MCHD with burns, however, they did not appear to be severe. The Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office is on the scene waiting for the fire to be extinguished to start their investigation.

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  1. WoodlandsDude

    About +/- 15 years ago a house just a couple of blocks away on Palmer Woods Dr. burned. It sat gutted for a few months then was demolished and the current house, with a different design, was built.

    Scott, please give a follow-up when they announce the actual cause of the fire.

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