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A letter From Pct. 5 Constable David Hill


In a December 3rd article of one of your competitors one of my opponents made the comment that "Our schools are overrun with drugs and crime". These are serious allegations. Is he making unsubstantiated statements for the sole purpose of political rhetoric or is he withholding information which could lead to the arrest and conviction of persons he believes represent these types of serious threats to our kids and our schools?

Neither one is good for our community. If he actually believed his allegations, it makes sense that he would have immediately notified my office or if he has concerns about that he would have contacted the Sheriff’s Department. Drugs and crime are a sad reality in our country.

Because we know our kids are a reflection of our population, my department continues to work closely with the community in the proactive effort to keep drugs and crime out of our school. Together we have purchased drug dogs, implemented programs like Crime Stoppers, have provided our officers with the training necessary to identify risks and we continue taking the measures necessary to protect our schools and to provide a safe and secure environment for our kids.

The safety of our schools and our children will always be a priority for me and for my office.

                                                           Thank You,

                                                                          Constable David Hill

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