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A Quarter Century and Counting!!!

GRIMES COUNTY, TX- Any one old enough to clearly remember 1998 knows the world was a very different place then. Nobody had ever heard of a “smart phone” or “smart car” or “Facebook”. It was the year Americans sat glued to their televisions as President Bill Clinton uttered the historical words, “I did not have sex with that woman”. It was the year Michael Jordan played his last basketball game as a Chicago Bull and the year the Government of North Korea formally adopted a military dictatorship. Only 26 percent of American homes had internet access that calendar year, and it was dialup (I know- you’re hearing that sound in your head). However, those fortunate souls likely had state-of-the-art technology in the form of a DVD player!

The year 1998 was eventful worldwide, but most of the world was unaware of the event that occurred in Grimes County Texas and continues to improve the lives of its residents. Don Sowell was appointed Grimes County Sheriff, September 10, 1998. He has held that position ever since, seeing his county through the terrifying anticipation of New Year’s Eve 1999, when people were panicked over what would happen to electronically controlled power, weapons, communications, travel systems, and most everything else with a digital screen. He kept order when his county and country were forced to shut down on September 11, 2001, and he led the peacekeepers in his county during the COVID-19 crisis and shutdown. Sheriff Sowell has adapted to the ever-changing world and his ever-changing job in a county that continues to grow and change demographics.

It would be impossible to list all the positive effects Grimes County has seen by continuing to re-elect Sheriff Don Sowell. Those who live in Grimes County probably already know. If they don’t, they haven’t lived there long, or they truly haven’t paid attention.

Sheriff Don Sowell’s Facebook administrator posted the following:

“Today marks 25 years that Sheriff Don Sowell was appointed Grimes County Sheriff. Congratulations Sheriff on being the longest serving Sheriff in the history of Grimes County. We appreciate your loyalty and dedication to citizens of this county.”

We, at Montgomery County Police Reporter (Scott & Jamie), also wish to congratulate Sheriff Don Sowell on 25 years of leadership in that position, and to thank him for many years of friendship (and extremely tolerant and patient attitude) with the two of us.

Sheriff Don Sowell is a humble man, and this will probably embarrass him a little, but we wanted to make sure everyone was informed – it’s what we do!

Grimes County residents are incredibly blessed to have Don Sowell as Sheriff and we’re blessed to call him our friend.

Happy 25th Anniversary, Sheriff!

We stole… er…umm…”borrowed” some pics to share…

The first photo was taken in 2003 and shows (l to r) the late Captain Jonny Martinez, Mrs. Ona Franklow, Sheriff Don Sowell, former Grimes County Sheriff John Franklow (1948-1953) and then Chief Deputy Travis Neely, who went on to become Madison County Sheriff (2003-2020)





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