October 1, 2022 12:09 pm

Posted: 8.8.2022 1:35


I wanted to share my experience at the Appraisal District- Montgomery County today:
I had a formal hearing today in regards to my new (10 yr old) house I purchased in May 2021 in Montgomery County.
In April this year, I received my proposed property taxes from MCAD which showed a 37% ($125k) increase over last year’s appraised values. I immediately protested and was told I would receive notification of protest hearing dates. 2 months later I received an email offer from MCAD stating that had re-evaluated my property and were willing to reduce 8k from the original 125k increase. The email said I had to accept or reject which I rejected and the offer was immediately withdrawn ( if you get one of these take a photo before answering). I was then told I would receive a formal hearing date in front of the citizen’s board.
Today was that day: when I arrived 15 min prior to the hearing as suggested I was sent to a check-in desk where you are encouraged to have an informal meeting with an appraiser prior to the formal meeting which I did. After waiting an hour I was called to meet with my informal appraiser who briefly went over what had occurred up until this point and then he advised me that the rules had changed this year and quickly blamed the state comptrollers office for the change. He told me that now they will continue to appreciate the value of your home up until the time of your hearing and that my new offer was 25k more than the proposed amount on the statement I received in April. My new proposed tax increase from last year to this year was now 45% more. I was floored, told him we were done and to get me to the actual formal review that I was scheduled for and was an hour late due to their Fuckery of encouraging me to see an informal appraiser first.
Then I was put back into the cue starting over with approximately 60 people in front of me. I waited patiently while watching others reach the boiling point with this process.
I was finally brought to the back for my hearing where I was sworn in before a citizen/judge and member of the appraisal district. Appraisal Dist went first and spoke at a pace faster than most auctioneers and said the was no warranted reason for the reduction in their appraisal.
It was now my turn, I gave them the numbers by percentage and cash amount increases proposed to include today’s douche bag bully tactic of another 25k increase. I supplied them with an appraisal done 11 months ago that was substantially lower.
The board ruled in my favor reducing the amount to $61k
Lessons learned: don’t let the appraisal district bully you into taking offers. Gov Abbot ran on a campaign promise to rein these appraisal districts in and not allow them to do what they are still doing. Empty promises by Gov Abbot that we have heard nothing about since he was elected. PS I’m not suggesting you vote for Beto the dress-wearing drunk burglar- but we should be holding our elected officials to their promises for change.
I’m done- Rant over