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A tragic late afternoon accident resulted in the death of young Colton Lee Clegg, age three (3) years old when a male horse “spooked” and kicked Colton in the chest. The young boy was transported by Life Flight to Herman hospital where he expired later yesterday evening of August 6, 2014.

According to lead Investigator Sgt. Chris Ungles of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department, horse feed was being unloaded from a truck on CR 6479, in South Liberty County, around 7:50pm by Colton’s father, Christopher Clegg and Joseph A. Stevens, age 20, uncle to Colton. While this process was taking place, it was reported that Colton was holding the gate for his uncle when one of the horses knocked a feed bag out of Joseph Steven’s hands spilling the feed on the ground. Young Colton started to pick up the feed when his father, Christopher, hollered to Colton and told him to get away from the horses and spilled feed. Colton threw his hands up in the air and this, evidently, “spooked” one of the horses which kicked little Colton in his chest.

Mr. Clegg began transporting his son to the hospital by private auto where he was met by Liberty County EMS which started medical procedures prior to the arrival of Life Flight. Colton was transported to Herman Hospital in Houston by air ambulance, where he expired shortly after arriving.

Sgt. Ungles reported the case is still under investigation pending results of an autopsy.

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  1. LocalDrifter
    I can not deny OR validate your insensitive stats regarding horses. But, I do think their use in this situation are not only cruel, but also totally useless. If the child were riding the horse, then yes, make the comparison to riding a bike. But since a horse is a living, breathing animal, capable of making decisions, you should not attempt to compare it to an inanimate object. And, I have a hard time understanding who exactly you are trying to help by copying and pasting your generic “statistics.” The point here is that a young boy lost his life to a tragic accident. And we should certainly focus more on this than making asinine comments about “Flicka.” Nice job, now go drift somewhere else.

  2. fascinatingworld

    Don’t mean to cause distress to those personally involved but most people haven’t any idea old Dobbin can be dangerous if not downright deadly.

  3. …the statistics aren’t wrong they should have worded it a little better

    I would expect someone making a livelihood from horses to downplay the body count from horses vis a vis that from bicycles. After all we see bicycles everywhere so logic demands there be more deaths from 2 wheelers but those 4 hooves account for more deaths among children percentage wise. Everyone fears death by shark but bees (53x) and dogs (31x) on average kill more people than Jaws.

  4. Local drifter, I enjoy reading ur comments when the time is right. And here is not. This is a poor 3yr old that doesnt get to grow up with his parents. And im sure the dad is taking it very hard. Show some humanity, what little this world has left.

  5. I can go into detail about Alexander the great and his territorial conquests or the musings of John Muir but that doesn’t mean I knew them personally.

  6. And if you know horses the right way you would know how to pair a proper horse with a child or an adult the chances of an injury or death is less than 1%, dealing with horses a person needs to know exactly what they are doing other wise things can turn very ugly. And LD sorry the statistics aren’t wrong they should have worded it a little better, this case is different the little boy had no clue that he was standing in the most dangerous part of the horse.

  7. LD your statistics is wrong I have been giving riding lessons for 15 years and I have been there and seen it all. Maybe one major injury a year evan if that and I have been riding my own horses for 25 years. You have a lot higher injury or death in a car accident, don’t take my comment personal I’m just talking from a life lone career.

  8. So sad I pray for the family, unfortunately horses are very unpredictable no matter how well behaved they are. I have two horse my oldest he is like a golden retriever sweet loving and very easy going but even at age 22 he has spooked at some things. And please rephrase where he expired at the hospital it sounds mean sorry.

  9. Stats: More children killed per year by horses than bicycles.

    Emergency department studies show that a high percentage of equestrian injuries tend to be serious in nature, with up to 38 percent resulting in hospitalization.

    Most serious injuries to equestrians are caused by being separated from propelled or fall off the horse while riding or by falling with the horse.

    Many children are injured during non-riding activities such as leading, grooming, and feeding. In one study, 15 percent of the children hospitalized had been kicked by a horse.10

    A population-based study in rural Wisconsin revealed that 30 percent of those under 19 years who sought treatment for horse-related injuries were injured while engaged in non-riding, horse-related activities.

    The highest proportion of injury events resulting in multiple injuries occurred as a result of riding animals – a higher proportion than bicycling, in-line skating, or sports-related falls.

    In a review of all equestrian fatalities in Alberta, Canada, 1975-1990, 47.4 percent of the fatalities were younger than 20 years, with seven children (18.4 percent of total fatalities) younger than six years.

    A survey of 2,195 frequent riders showed a high prevalence of hospitalization and prolonged disability among injured equestrians.

    Flicka is not your friend. (My Friend Flicka was a TV series)

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