alleged sex assault at cleveland isd board members home

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office questioned two children of a Cleveland ISD school board member and several others who attended a party as the office investigates an alleged sex assault.

The alleged incident happened November 9 at the board member’s home in Cleveland. The sheriff’s office says a 17-year-old girl made an outcry of being sexually assaulted. Sheriff’s investigators questioned the board member’s children who are Cleveland High School students. They are also talking to several others who attended the party. The alleged victim is not a Cleveland High student.

"The school board member was out of town. There was evidently multiple people in the residence and alcohol was being consumed," Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Rex Evans said.

The sheriff’s office says the  teens questioned have not been named suspects nor exonerated in the case.

Evan’s could not reveal the members name or position as the investigation continues through the weekend.

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