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AMBER ALERT ISSUED- Vehicle Found in The Woodlands

An Amber Alert is ongoing after Kingfisher County authorities say a five-month-old girl was abducted around 12:15 p.m. last Thursday from a home located at 30773 N. 2976 Road in Cashion.

Thursday afternoon, Kingfisher County investigators spoke with the child’s family at their home, but since then, nobody has come or gone from the place. However, a massive search is underway in several states.

“Two white females walked into the house, grabbed the five-month baby and ran back out of the house into a vehicle,” Kingfisher County Deputy Jonathan Reidlinger said.

The vehicle is a black, 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe with Texas license plate number BYZ-3365. The two women who detectives believe took the baby, are 47-year-old Cindy Findley and 43-year-old Jennifer Skousen.

Authorities said the vehicle was last seen near Elmwood in Beaver County located in northwest Oklahoma. They believe they were headed to Salt Lake City, Utah. However, Thursday evening the vehicle was found parked at Findley’s home on Twilight Place in The Woodlands.

Officials said Findley has a mental condition and had claimed to have a vision of the child dying.

According to family members, both of the child’s parents are in jail in Texas. They said Findley is the great-aunt of Smith, and the mom told her to take the child from the grandparents. They also said Findley does not suffer from a psychiatric condition.

Authorities tried contacting Findley, but her cell phone was turned off.

Olivia Smith


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