For the past several years law enforcement have received calls of animals being abandon on Highway 90 near Crosby in a turn around between San Jacinto  River and Sheldon Road.

Some of the animals were alive but many were dead. Most of the dead ones had been decapitated and mutilated. It was not limited to just dogs, but cats and birds also. Some were believed to have been used in dog fights. The live ones were believed to be residents from the Houston area who could no longer take care care of their animal and just dumped it.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Precinct 6 and Precinct 1 Constables Office, the Houston Police Department, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and TXDOT joined forces to stop it.

The area is under an overpass which crosses the San Jacinto River. The u-turn lane was up against several hundred yards of open land before you reached the San Jacinto River.

TXDOT installed a concrete barrier along with a six foot fence separating the road from the open land.  Cameras were installed to watch the area and the District Attorney’s Office has tasked two people with prosecution. Prosecution the District Attorney says the judges are on-board with. Probation is most likely not an option on these charges.

As Sheriff Garcia spoke this afternoon he held one such animal which had been rescued. He said a home was needed for him but  by the end of the press conference the tone of the Sheriff sounded as if K-9 division had another member.