December 7, 2022 11:25 am

Posted: 2.5.2022 14:53

Argument Over Truck Ends in Shooting Death

At approximately 11:40 pm Sunday night, May 1st. Liberty County Sheriff’s Lead Investigator Linda Worley investigated the shooting death of Christopher Aaron Jorgensen, DOB 12/15/89 by Edwin Thomas Baty DOB 9/1/67 on CR 126 in South Liberty County. According to Investigator Worley, this shooting was a result of an earlier alleged confrontation between Jorgensen and a close friend of Baty’s, Alvin Ray Zachary, DOB 12/14/70.


From details learned during the investigation, it appears there are three houses that sit on this one piece of property with Baty and Zachary living in one house and Jorgensen living in another. At some point during the evening, an argument developed with Jorgensen accusing Baty and Zachary of damaging his pick-up truck. During this alleged confrontation between Zachary and Jorgensen, Baty ran into his house with Jorgensen behind him and with Baty locking his bedroom door and securing his 12 gauge shotgun. Jorgensen is alleged to have kept trying to break the door down but the effort stopped after a short while. Thinking that Jorgensen had gone away, Baty opened the door to find Jorgensen still standing at the door and advancing on him. Baty fired two shotgun shots at Jorgensen but is was unknown if either of the shots hit Jorgensen as Jorgensen ran outside into the yard.

Baty told Investigator Worley that he then went to the front door and saw Jorgensen coming at him again towards the front door and that is when Baty fired a third shot that killed Jorgensen.


Justice of the Peace Pct. 1, Judge Stephen Hebert responded to the scene and conducted an inquest, and ordered an autopsy.

Investigator Worley said no charges are being filed at this time as the case will be referred to the Grand Jury for any possible action.